Due To See Neurologist at Walton


Hi all

I'm 57 and due to go to the Walton Centre tomorrow for my first appointment with a neurologist - I'm going to copy and paste the notes I've made for him as typing is a bit iffy:

"Last four months (Since December 2013):
Voice loss / Weakening
Swallowing problems
Ineffectual cough
Facial tremor
Waking up with "electrified" arms & hands
Pins & needles in arms & hands constantly
Legs feel disconnected - jerky
Losing balance and falling over
Jolting in sleep
Sudden loud clanging noise inside head
Handwriting worse, can only write minutely or it is illegible
Using hands very difficult for everyday tasks such as chopping vegetables, putting on makeup etc
Worsening of neck and shoulder pain
Neck locks up
Sweating from neck to waist at night
Violent dreams
Exhaustion all the time
Restless legs
Last two years:
Tremors in hands – especially right side thumb
Difficulty using computer
Difficulty handwriting
Pins & needles in arms & hands
Neck & back pain
Panic Attacks
Having explored this site I'm guessing that it is pretty much a no-brainer? Any thoughts would be gratefully received.
Also is it a good idea to go in with this list? The main reason is that it is quite exhaustive and I pretty much have no voice to explain....
Best wishes


Hi Jan

Not competent to diagnose, not being a Dr and all, so I'll just say best wishes for the neuro. But I might also ask what your GP said when referring you?

I'd defo go in with your list. But just hand it over if your voice is weak - no need to recite it.

Do let us know how you get on.

take care



Hello Jan

MY OH has Parkinson`s and the last time we saw the consultant I took a resume and gave it to him.  I took a copy for us and that was useful as it helped us check that we had covered all our concerns.  The consultant actually said he was pleased we`d done the resume and he has put it in the file.

Best wishes for tomorrow



Thanks Semele and Hatknitter for your replies.

I moved to Anglesey last year so my current GP had not been consulted about the events of two years ago i.e. tremors etc. and with all the upheaval of moving we put it down to anxiety which I am prone to. Then at Christmas I lost my voice, originally dxd as laryngitis, eventually after a month was referred to ENT had camera on vocal chords, nothing to report. However, around this time I fell for first time and broke a rib. Left it another month or so and went back to see her as I was now having swallowing problems and choking on eating and drinking. She just said "you need to see a neurologist urgently" she did not mention PD. However, after some googling and finding this site I realised that I ticked just about every box eek

Now today is here glad to be going at last as the build up has been very worrying, also our daughter got married last week, a big do, has added into the mix more anxiety.

Thanks for your best wishes, will let you know how I get on.








Hi Jan and welcome to the forum.......taking your list is a great idea, that is what i always do whether it is the Docs or PD nurse, just in case i forget anything!eye rollLike you i have had most of those symptoms starting around early 2009, i was not dx until feb 2013 as the symptoms were put down to various things. Since being on meds i feel my life is more "Normal" and i have found that a lot of those symptoms have eased or gone altogether...........the most brilliant thing was after the first week my restless legs disappeared after all those years of pacing the floor not knowing what to do with them....amazingwinkI wish you all the best and keep posting....we are all here for each other 



Welcome to the forum Jan, I too can relate to your list, was dx in 2011. I had all the aching joints and stiff neck way before i was diagnosed.

wish you all the best and like Dollymaz said we are all here for each other.




Thank you Dollymaz and Bambi

I was very impressed with the set up at Walton and my neurologist was very thorough. My OH said he wouldn't like to play poker with him, but I suppose they are unable to jump to conclusions in a 60 minute appointment.

Next step is for me to go up there for a day to have a brain, head & neck scan plus an electrical skin test, he assured me he would get me in very quickly so that's all good.

Thanks for your support guys - it means a lot smile

Jan xxx


That is great news Jan....They certainly sound very thorough.....i bet you feel relieved? I also had a brain scan (which to my amazement showed i had one)!!!winkSeriously things are moving now for you which is brilliant.....I am sure you will soon be feeling much better than you do now...

With my best wishes....keep smiling big grin

Dolly xx


Hi Jan painful as it is there is something positive about getting a diagnosis .it sounds as if you are getting the full works .

take care

J x


Best wishes Jan



Have just seen your post Jan. Best of luck with getting diagnosis and appropriate treatment, I found the waiting times for scans, then reports, then another consultant appointment seemed endless, nearly 3 months in all!! I am not a very patient patient I guess!