DuoDopa (Levodopa‐carbidopa) intestinal gel infusion)

Hi, my name is Barry. My wife Sue was first diagnosed with PD 12 years ago. As expected the symptoms have increased over the years, initially slowly but but the last two years much faster. At our last visit to Sue’s neurologist he suggested the DuoDopa (Levodopa‐carbidopa) intestinal gel infusion) as a possible means to improve her quality of life. We have read some medical articles and research and it sounds promising but we would like to get in contact with patients who are actually undergoing this treatment and to hear about their experiences.
Thank you for your replying to this! Barry

Hi Barry, welcome to the forum. We’re sure others will have experiences to share, but we do also have some information on our website about levodopa-carbidopa if of interest: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/levodopa-co-beneldopa-and-co-careldopa

best wishes, Lucy - moderation team.

Thanks Lucy! Will be ready shortly …