This post is for dr johnny I have searched for your post but my brain is having its afternoon nap so I could not find your  post asking for answers about the Duodopa  I do hope you dont mind if I give the information on our forum as there may be others in the same predicament. I can only say that if you have the chance to have the Duodopa system fitted grab the opportunity with both hands, for it is life changing, dont be put off by what at first seems a monstrous complicated piece of kit you will quickly get up to speed and eventually it becomes second nature,do not be afraid of the pump which appears unwieldy once again you will find the most comfortable fit that suits you   I have got myself in a right pickle here, I started writing this post then pressed the wrong button,, or key,, and this dear little Lenovo posted my post I know not where, however here it is back under my supervision after its trip around the solar system, how ever its too late I have transferred my post to your posting on ,,living with pd, I think ,,,,, it may be the other one?  the post is regarding Duodopa dr johnny I hope it is of benefit to you ,if there is any way I can help do not hesitate to get in touch I know you will be anxious.                       Best wishes to you and family            Fedbig grin

Hi fedexlike, is this the post you were trying to find? http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/forum/thread/57572

It would be best to post your reply there because then dr jonny is more likely to see it.



Hello Sharon, sorry I did not get back to you yesterday ,you put me on the right track I would still be searching yet if you had not intervened. dr johnny will certainly have fears and anxieties about the Duodopa device I  did in fact I almost bottled it and told the powers that be I could not go through with it, I wobbled a bit but  recovered Im glad I did or I would be very  ill now it does not suit evryone but it is improving my life and I am sure it will improve johns also.

                                    Best wishes              Fed

Duodopa Duodopa now where have I heard that word before,

   Seriously folks I feel I must tell you that my body is now synchronised and aligned with Ddopa and appart from a few bad dysky attacks and the occasional  shut  down which can be severe, but is nearly always my fault, as I fail to monitor the signs that BLACKHEART IS ON THE MOVE , it can be pushed back by a quick  boost which enables me to control our evil common foe, in short Dd has given me my life back, yes its a bit clumsy and unsightly but the rewards are endless and the drawbacks few, So I would in my personal  opinion say that if you are lucky enough to have this system offered grab it withboth feet, er no  hands, and you will soon be back on your feet, go on go on go on go on go on, you wont regret it

                                               All the best of best things and Kindlyness of Regards

                                    fedexlike ( Fed)