Good morning

Does anyone have any experience in using the Duodopa  pump system,good or bad?

I am two weeks post surgery and as yet have not  seen any great changes.


I have not had Duodopa installed, but I am very interested in how you have been able to get the treatment.  My understanding is that Duodopa costs an absolute fortune and the NHS (in the UK) are reluctant to finance it.

I am puzzled why you have not seen much change in your symptoms. 


coolHello,  yes  Duodopa costs a  lot not just  to  fit  but  the   constant supply of gell  packs  is also  very   expensive, but  the  difference  it  made  to  my   life was astonishing,and  a  lot  of  other  medicines  which I   used  to  take I no  longer  need,  it  is  not  a cure  but  is  life  changing.


coolKeep in  touch  with  your  Dd  nurse  as  your pump  may  need  fine  tuning  it  took  about  6  or  7   weeks  before  I settled   with  it

                         Hope  all  goes  well



         Are  you  being  offered  Ddopa Martini,  and  are  you feeling any   benefits  yet Annelouise