Duodope pump

Has anyone got a pump and can they say if it does the job.
due to lack of response, let me say we do have people who have the pump but its still a fairly rare occurrence. it generally seems to be good but like all treatments it has its problems.
Hello belg.
My apologies for not picking out your post, sometimes the 16 Brain cells
I have left sit around chatting and playing cards and miss Important things.
Last March I became part of the Duodopa club, first I had to go into Hospital for compatibility tests then they did the operation, and I can tell you it is life changing. I can walk upright for long periods without pain ,plus no major shutdowns plus I am reapplying for my driving licence my concentration is so much better, the OP is straightforward and only takes about 1hr, including to and from the theatre, or the Cinema, your choice, "sorry a bit silly there" I have to be
Honest here , it is not a cure only the very best temporary measure available until the cure is found ,but the improvements you will find in your life far outweigh any downsides, my advice is go for it you wont regret it.
If you wish to contact me my E Mail is available if you need any help I will try to give reassurance and also the back up is first class
Good Luck and Kindest Regards fedex:grin:

Hi fedexlike I would am looking into the pump option and would appreciate your feedback as I see you started this at least in 2013. Would you be able to provide me with your email address please. Many thanks

I would liike to hear from someone who has the duo-dopa pump fitted, as I need to make a decision  about whether to  be referred for this and I would like to hear first hand experience.