Dutch CBD capsules/oil

I care for my husband whose tremor has worsened. I have been told CBD capsules could help.
Does anyone have experience with this?

Have just started using CBD oil today for exactly the same reason. Too early for me to advise if it is effective. I obtained the oil via Facebook from CBDandMEUK. “Charles” who hosts the site is extremely helpful and will promptly reply to any questions you wish to raise. In the light of todays news I am very hopeful we can soon be getting it prescribed medically for Parkinsons. Best wishes

Thank you Gerrard, I have become concerned that it might interact with Rivastigmine, which is a dementia medication my husband takes. I know the GP will be useless so I have been googling for interactions but cannot find anything. Rivastigmine is a drug you don’t want to mess with! Best wishes, Vanessa

Hi, my husband takes cbd oil for back pain, but take your capsules 2 hours after any other medication or 4 hours if taking blood thinning medication. If you are on facebook there are lots of groups to help you. Also if you contact Realm of Care in the Us they will help you with and when to take it I hope that helps you

Thank you so much for your advice. My husband has no pain, but a bad tremor. I will continue to research the experiences of others. Best wishes