Duvet Covers

Having spent half the morning attempting to change a duvet cover I read in the Parkinson Magazine that it is possible to obtain covers which open on 3 sides. Does anyone know where I can get these from before I disappear forever into the depths of the duvet?

I know it is not only Pd's who would benefit but all those with any limited use of hands.

Hi keygirl

You can purchase the zipped duvet covers from this organisation:

All Zippped Up - go online to http://www.allzippedup.co.uk/

Good luck!


What a brilliant idea. I must tell the wife about these. She's always playing horlicks with the duvet.


Thank you Luis - I will certainly give them a try. Anything which makes life easier.

Hi Luis
What a mine of information you are. Where would we be without you. I will certainly be looking into the zipper type duvet cover.

Hi everyone,I found this tip,turn the duvet cover inside out ,put both hands inside,grab top corners of duvet cover and duvet. Pull through.Use two pegs to hold if your grip is not very good.