Duxford mobility

I know this is probably a little out of place on the forum but I think its
important. There must be more than a few of fellow Parky victims who are Aviation
fanatics but are unable to face the long walks between Hangars Aircraft etc,
well you can pre-book Mobility scooters at Duxford in Cambridgeshire, I took
advantage of this facility and it made my visit so much more enjoyable, I must
stress I have no connection with Duxford in any way other than as a visitor it
is a fantastic place to visit however and I highly recommend the Air and Armoured vehicle museum, its very Disabled friendly and the Mobility scooters are
free, but you must pre-book as they are very popular, I have been three times
and still need to go back as I missed important displays.
Regards to All fedexlike
Hi there
Long before pd decided to join my life, I visited Duxford and I agree that it is a long trek between hangars and exhibits. Your scooter info can only be a good thing. What a pleasant change to see an organisation considering the welfare of its customers. I hope many pd sufferers will take up this provision
Hi Chunky and Fed, Did you know Duxford is haunted? BA
Hello BA yes the Lancaster is supposed to be haunted,I have stood underneath the
Aircraft a number of times and felt nothing unusual fedex
Good Morning, Blue Angel and Chunky
I have no doubt other Museums will offer a similar service so it would be wise
to check before you set off, but as for Duxford the staff are so helpful and
obliging its a real pleasure to visit, there is also a courtesy bus/train which
you can hop on and off any where you choose if you add excellent café and catering facilities, its a real good day out, there is so much to see you always arrive home saying "oh b....r I missed that, its a pity I live so far away,in
Northumberland I would be there every day, volunteers are always welcome and my
skills as a spray painter and body repair specialist could be useful Im sure
For those enthusiasts in more Northern climes there is Elvington near York the
Fantastic Railway Museum in York itself all make a great day out and all Disabled friendly, the Railway Museum is my dear wifes favourite NOT and she
will gladly spend well over 5mns with me then tootles off to the shops so I can
indulge my passion. Regards fedex