DVLA D202 Form

I received a letter from the DVLA indicating after completing their medical enquiries that they need to withdraw my current licence and replace it with a three year medical review licence. Enclosed was form D202 and no other paperwork. I returned my licence back in September but haven’t heard anything since. I am expecting a new licence to arrive in the post but received nothing yet. I have tried calling the DVLA numerous times but it is impossible to get through. I am concerned that I am missing a step to get medical licence issued or is it just delays at DVLA, anyone got advice?

Hi jjc001, I was in a similar position, but did not wait as long,I sent mine back in January and my new three year licence came in June this year, unsure though this was because my oriignal licence would have had to have been renewed. Have you a confirmation letter with reference number on, at least this way you know you are in the system? It is very difficult to get through onthe phone, perhaps you could email the contact centre or check this link, this was included the email response that I had
Please continue to check if your licence has been issued by using our view driving licence service: View or share your driving licence information - GOV.UK
Think there is such a high volume that they are still playing ‘catch up’. Hope this helps, take care :smiley:

Hi @AnaElsa Thanks very much for your response and very useful. Did you only need to return the D202 form or did you have to send in additional paperwork or new driving licence application form, it doesn’t sound like you did?
Thanks again.

Hi, I just completed the D202 form and sent it back, I’ve looked at the paperwork they sent me, it started end of January, DVLA wrote to me with ‘update’ to say they had written to my consultant and would be in touch. They wrote again in July and said medical enquiries had been completed and completed the D202 declaration and return with my licence. My new three year licence arrived mid August. Hope this helps :smile:

@AnaElsa that is brilliant help thanks very much.

Hi, thought would drop you a message, any news back from DVLA? :smile: