DVLA D4 Medical examination


I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the DVLA have put me on a Medical Driving Licence.

That is fine for my car & motorbike but the trouble is they have taken away my C1 entitlement to drive anything over 3.5t so I can’t drive my motorhome until I have passed a DVLA D4 Medical examination.

Has anyone with Parkinson’s ever passed this test?

Here is a link to the form.

The neurological disorders section is Section 1

Hi my friend is a class2 driver he had dvla examination still drives c2

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Hello TomW, This mlght sound a bit harsh, but how would you feel if you were the cause of an accident
whilst driving your motorhome? If you are worried you will fail your DVLA D4 Medical, you must have some
nagging doubt about your present driving ability. If you aren’t fully 100% confident, then my advice
to you, and anyone else in your position, would be to give that part of your licence up. After all you
still have your car and bike.

Hi I also was a motorhomes towing a little car on an A fram but had to give it up due to my PD, it was devastating to both myself and my wife but it was for the best. I made the choice to stop driving my MH after coming back from a long time away from home driving on the motorway I started to feel uncomfortable and uneasy with my driving. We pulled in to a motorway service and I had a nap to slowdown and regather my fears. After we arrived home we all went into Covid lockdown so was unable to go away for a longtime. When the lockdown was lifted and camp sites started to open again I was unable to pluck up courage to drive my motorhome.
As I was approaching my birthday 70 years old I applied as you have to the DVLA for a new license.
They contacted my and I filled the form in declaring the PD prognosis. This was in early July this year. The DVLA contacted my consultant at the hospital, they also sent my more paperwork to fill in which I returned. It took them until late October to get back to me allowing my to drive a car but removing my C1 from my license. With hindsight I am happy that did as now I am not happy driving especially long distances. Better to have stopped before any accidents hurting anyone or ourselves.
I know it’s hard to face but it’s good to think you have made the decision yourself.

Best of look and stay safe