DVLA decision

I informed the DVLA of my diagnosis at the end of October last year. Today I received notification that my current licence is to be withdrawn and replaced with a medical short term 3 year licence. I feel relieved that I have kept my licence. I have found the entire process to have been very stressful, waiting.

I also received my 3year licence in January. Nerve-wracking waiting. Just before I received the actual licence I received a second copy of forms and thought I'd find the originals out incorrectly. Rang Dylan and was their error. Phew!

I am going to inform DVLA after my visit to the new consultant on Wednesday.  I pray all goes well as my mobility isn't what it used to be so would be a devastating blow if I lost my licence.  I doubt I am that far down the road yet but no longer take anything for granted. Glad to hear you both received your 3 year licences.

Good luck Joanie, It would be devastating to lose that bit of independence. They contact your consultant and gp. You can still drive while waiting for licence.

Thanks DivineR x

Hi i was diagnosed in 2011, so this is the 3rd time i have had to renew my licence. it is the most stressful thing ever, they have asked me to do an assessment which is booked in by them on the 22nd, however i can't do it until i get my provisional licence (my licence was revoked because they lost my forms i sent back). i spoke to them today, they have sent out the prov. licence today 2nd class which they inform me can take up to 2 weeks........are they on the same planet. Oh well, fingers crossed ...