DVLA medical examination

Hi, I am age 40 and have recently been diagnosed with early onset pd. My symptoms are not too bad at the moment, (very very mild shaking and numbness).
I have now been invited by the DVLA to attend a medical at my own GP's surgery. Anyone else been through this and if yes, what can I expect?
Many thanks
I am in australia but i believe you have absolutely nothing to worry about - assuming you can drive!
eeerm ha ha
in that case i would expect a 3 year driving licence unless your gp is an idiot (i've only met one)
Just to reinforce Turnip's good advice... If my experience is anything to go by you should have nothing to worry about. I have not had a special GP visit to be assessed for driving but the DVLA have always taken the advice of my neuro based on his knowledge of me. You can expect a 3 year licence to be issued.

You will be pleased to know that in my experience insurers do not penalise you for having Parkinson's. My premiums have not been affected at all

Good Luck

thanks turnip snd e.f, i'll let you know how i get on.
Hello 1878 I did not have to go for a medical, when I was diagnosed the DVLA,
"Don't Verymuch Like Atall" instantly removed the 16 licences or categories I
needed for my continued employment licences that took 30yrs to aquiire, they graciously allowed me to keep my car licence but as my concentration began to fail I gave up driving, but now refreshed and rearmed with Duodopa I have been told I could re-apply for my car licence, this is something I will persue:grin:
hope all goes well. Regards Fed
Well, had medical yesterday which was basically a series of questions. My GP feels there is nothing to worry about at this time but warned me to expect these "medicals" on a regular basis. It's now over to the DVLA for them to assess my GP's findings.
Fingers crossed.
never had the medical but am fascinated to learn what the 16 categories on your licence were fedex.

im betting tank was in there
Hi 1878
I have just had my licence renewed for another 3 yrs after waiting 6 mths for them to sort it out. I was sent a letter from the DVLA when my licence expired to say that I could still drive,whilst they sorted it out. So try not to worry
I informed the dvla in December that I had pd,sent all the relevant forms in and received a reply saying they would let me know what licence I would be keeping (I'm now a semi retired hgv driver).
Today had another letter from them saying all the information had been passed on and I could expect to hear from them in the next 8 to 12 weeks......
How long does it take for them to make a decision,im not bothered if I lose my hgv licence all I want is my car licence with the ability to tow my caravan!
Hello sbt
It took DVLA just over two months to give me a decision - the apparently-ubiquitous three-year licence. As, even then, they gave me a month to hand over my old licence, I might assume you could still tow your caravan until told otherwise.

I have to say I felt an irrational(?) loss at turning in my dog-eared pink paper licence for a bit of time-limited plastic. And I lost the ability to drive 7 and a half tonners (which I must have done, ooh, getting on for twice in my life). But mainly it was because when I asked my PD nurse and my neuro aboout driving they both said no problems - and like an idiot I didn't even think that this would translate into a limited licence ... and make my PD real.

It was *after* that episode that I started to read this forum. Ha! You don't fool me twice.
PS. I've just spent a happy (?) half-hour decoding the codes on my new bit of plastic. Apparently I'm OK to drive "a category B vehicle with a trailer when they have a combined weight over 3,500kg." I think that means caravans are good to go.

I can also drive an agricultural tractor. But not a tank.