DVLA processing times?

I was diagnosed last summer, informed the DVLA who eventually wrote to me saying I would be put on a 3 year medical renewal licence and I sent it in about 6 weeks ago. I am still waiting for them to return it. Anyone done this recently and got an idea of timescales? The photocard expires on 11 June so I am a bit nervous about getting it back. To make matters more complicated the dog chewed the corner of my passport and there are massive delays to get a new passport which is going to leave me with no photocard id.

Hi @kira, You should get an acknowledgment they’ve received it. My current renewal was received by them 6th December, 2020, to-day i’ve received my new licence commencing from now for 3 years.

On the subject of passport renewal we did ours through the Post Office we went to a branch that did it all for us & got them back in next to no time at all, far quicker than DVLA. Hope this has been of some help to you.


Mine took about 3 months last year. You can still drive with an expired license if you have applied, it’s Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act.

Hi Les, I can’t even remember when I sent my licence back, and it hasn’t got anything to do with memory loss. I do know it was sometime this year, when, I haven’t a clue. Think I should start looking into that one. Thanks for the reminder…


@kira, @JonJoe makes a valid point in that you can still drive even though your licence has expired. The only thing with this is if you’re shopping around for Car Insurance the likes of Direct Line will flag this up. As a back up I always keep the e-mail notification on the computer so as i’ve got proof & always print a copy off as well !!


I submiitted my licence for renewal 3 january 2022 still waiitng on a response!

Thanks everyone, sorry for the lack of reply I haven’t been on the forum. I did get my licence back luckily. I am going to wait till after the summer to sort out my dog chewed passport!

Hi @kira, when you do go to renew your passport, do it at a Post Office that caters for this facility & you will get it back a lot quicker.


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Hi it took my 4 months for DVLA to renew my driving license but no C1 just basically car + motorcycle. It last 3 years before renewal.

Good luck