DVLA recieved info from 3rd party regarding abilty to drive

Hi Knine

Thanks for your story and input with regards to the DVLA It does look like we have to jump through many hoops but guess safely is paramount.
Husband doesn’t want to drive at the moment, very low, trying Sinemet and only hope this will helps.
Luckily the car is automatic and guess the mirrors would help with stiffness/vision although neither a problem at the moment. Insurance is due soon and as he is not driving we have decided to wait until we hear back from the DVLA.
I will bare in-mind your tips!
Best wishes and thanks.

I am having a terrible experience with Dvla. I have had pd since 2012 and duly notified the dvla my first licence was 3 years the next was a year after a driving assessment then it got revoked which I appealed and got back. Then i lost for a year due to DBS op. I reapplied back in June got a letter in September saying issued for 3 years licence came through. 10 days later i received a lettter saying issued in error, 2nd letter on same day stating mistake on licence to return and they would issue a further 3 year licence. Rang dvla confused i was told still ok to drive but to send back as there was an error printed on licence and that 3 year licence would be reissued . Then Friday i had phone call from consultant to say stop driving and attend an assessment on 6th December. I rang dvla who said not to drive but that they would not be revoking licence as they were not allowed but they would review after assessment. If i check on line i still have a full licence until 2022. It makes no sense at all. I’ve asked police and they say i have full licence. But DVLA are refusing to send formal letter to state i am not allowed to drive, saying that they are only allowed to inform me verbally. I have no idea what is going on. I think. They have made a monumental mistake and trying to cover up. Will i be covered if i drive?I’m so reliant on a car and cannot walk to bus stop without pain and falling but brain focuses more than enough to drive. If you ring medical line it says check online to see if licence issued - it’s there arrrrggghhhhhhh!!!

What a mess! Commiserations & hope it’s properly sorted out on 6 December. Best wishes.