DVLA recieved info from 3rd party regarding abilty to drive


Hello to all . I am writing this to see if anybody has the same experience that I have .I have received a letter from the DVLA stating they have received a letter or email from somebody claiming that I am not capable of driving .I have a tremor and sometimes freeze but nether when I am driving ,I find that when I’m driving I’m am concentrating on my driving and other road users I forget about my tremor and it lessens, The DVLA will not tell me who this 3rd party is all I hope that my consultants will give them the correct info so I can carry on . somebody has said it could be my doctor but hopefully they would be straight and upfront to tell me to my face , I previously had a 3 yr. licence but the last time I renewed I have a 5 yr.one my symptoms have not really progressed much so I’m going to fight this so I can put this so called 3 rd. party informant to shame I presume I’m not the first to have this but I hope I’m the last


I believe the Medical profession or the Police have a responsibility to advise the DVLA if they suspect you are not competent to drive. I gave up my Licence after being involved in an accident for which the police were called out. This was in Winter and by the time the police arrived I was shaking considerably due to both the stress and cold weather. The policeman involved asked if I had P.D. and subsequently reported his observations to DVLA. I was subsequently requested to take further tests but decided to give up my Licence in view of my age…….
I assume that whoever has reported you has not been present with you when you have been driving. That being so, it would be inappropriate for them to claim you are not competent to drive. If you contact your Parkinsons Nurse or Neurologist, you may be able to obtain a supporting letter emphasising that your symptoms do not manifest themselves when you are driving. Good Luck, Gerrard


Hi Gerrard many thanks for your reply I have sent all the forms back to the DVLA now its a waiting game to find out what route they want me to take hopefully they will be amenable ,if they want me to take tests then I shall but whatever the outcome I shall keep my head up high in the knowing that the person or persons who started this are the lowest of the low and that I am above them in every way thanks again take care jay


Hi again,
Presumably you had advised the DVLA That you had P.D. That is obligatory. Normally the DVLA would write to your Medical Professional (Neurologist / PD Nurse) or whomever you named on the forms. They would be asking for an update in your P.D. condition). It would do you no harm to contact whoever you named and impress upon them - in person - that you are competent to drive and that your PD is not restricting you. Losing your licence is too important to treat lightly and worth going out of your way to preserve. In retrospect, I did not follow the advice I am giving you, and now regret not putting up a fight. I miss my car and the ability to drive. I now have to get about on a Mobility Scooter. Gerrard