Hi @Reah, thank you for the response and offer of help. Becky my PD nurse and I have been in touch to discuss GPs decision and the possibilities of changing GP. It’s frustrating as I thought he had come around to the idea that he was part of my care team for PD, following a letter from my neurologist last year. But he has not reverted to well we will do this test and if that comes back normal then it’s pro ably to do with PD and that’s for others to help you.

As for the DVLA, I will play the waiting game if they reissue my licence or ask me to do an assessment that’s fine. If they refuse then it will be down the route of appealing. To lose the independence of being able to drive myself to visit friends and family would be hard. Already and it’s only been 6 days I’m missing the freedom of being able to drive myself.

But on the bright side when we can travel again, there is a local train station I can get to on foot and or my wheelchair so I can still get to places. Also work is not worried that I can’t travel to various sites as part of my job as there are alternatives.

I will let you know how I get on with DVLA and changing GPs :blue_heart::sunglasses:

does it have to be the GP who says its ok to drive? why cant it be the consultant? When I completed my online application at the end it said if your licence expires while we are processing it then you can continue to drive as long as your Healthcare professional is happy for you to do so. After all he is the one they contact to get the info they need. they don’t usually contact the gp unless something different crops up. At the moment my gp is not happy to check if I am fit to drive and my consultant is ok with me driving. but I cant get hold of anyone to confirm if my consultants word is enough.

@roberto, when I spoke with DVLA I was told GP, in the email I received (in the thread above) it said doctor but because what I was told I took the wording of doctor in the email to mean GP.

Yesterday I received a letter from DVLA Drivers medical group and the last sentence it states “please discuss it with your doctor, consultant or optician.” At the bottom of the let it says Rev Mar 20

So as my GP has said no due to not having up to date information from my neurologist & orthopaedic consultants, I have taken the matter in to my own hands and spoken with their secretaries and then followed up with emails seeking their opinion as to if I am fit to drive.

So to answer your question having received the letter the consultant saying you are fit to drive should be sufficient. I have asked for their responses to bed either via email or letter so I have written proof. Not sure if this is necessary but In would feel better myself having it in writing.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:

thanks for the reply. yesterday I emailed my consultant and asked If he would write to my gp explaining that he was happy for me to continue driving. he replied and said he would send one out straight away…now hopefully everyone is happy and a lot of time saved

@roberto, @Reah, @sky, just an update on my post from 10 days ago. Having spoken with and having emailed my neurologist & orthopaedic consultants secretaries explaining the position I have received email confirmation from both consultants, that I am fit to drive. I also requested that they emailed my GP at the same time.

I have checked with my surgery and they confirmed that they have been received and had been sent to my GP, they arranged for him to call me yesterday evening which he did and has now agreed that I am fit to drive. Sho I have my independence back if I want or need to go out. I can also now travel for work again but for now my director has agreed that we should co to be as we are and that unless there is no other option, I will continue to work from home. This suits me and as I usually only travel once every 2 weeks usually it does not make a big change for me.

So now just have to wait for the DVLA to make a decision which in their letter date 5 June they said could take anything up to 12 further weeks. So good for now and fingers crossed my new licence should be with me in the next 3 months or so :sunglasses::sunglasses:

that’s great news, but what a mess around. I often wonder if these people have ever encountered stress at all because they are certainly a main source of it.

Thanks @roberto it was certainly excellent to finally get the ok to drive whilst waiting for the DVLA to make a decision. I had need this week to see a GP for an unrelated matter, my normal GP was not in so I was on the duty doctors list. Well what a pleasant surprise he dealt with the non related issue and even wearing a mask you could see in his eyes he was listening to me and discussed how we would proceed with my new issue. Then to my utter amazement he asked me how I was coping during the pandemic with my PD and was genuinely interested in my responses. A refreshing change from my experience with my allocated GP. :sunglasses:

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very good, I have only had the one GP practice since birth(1956) and the GP that i see is very good and we get on really well. I fully understood his reluctance to get involved with my driving issues. The dvla do not stipulate whether word of mouth or written consent is required. I would think the police would like to see the latter

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@Reah well after what seemed like absolutely ages I have finally got in the post yesterday my new 3 year driving licence :sunglasses:. Well pleased with that decision.
Changing GP well a lucky outcome of COVID, I needed to see a GP as I discovered a testicular lump, fortunately it is not cancer but a calcium deposit bit of ultra sound sorted that. Anyway the lucky outcome is I had to see the duty GP for this and he noticed I had PD from my notes and had already expressed an interest in taking on any patients who have PD to the practice manager but has had not had anyone flagged up on transferred over. Well he has now and has already meet via video link my consultant neurologist and PD nurse. So things are looking more promising on that front as well :blue_heart::sunglasses:

update, i received my permission to continue driving from my consultant and asked him to relay this to my GP which he did . I printed a copy and laminated it and carried it with me in the car just in case. Last week i received my licence for another 3years . So that is my 5th 3 year renewal.so hopefully if this damn virus abates i will sit my advanced driving test having had several assessment/lessons with RoSPA(Royal Society for he Prevention of Accidents). Their tests are administered by retired or serving Police officers and is said to be the most comprehensive driving test in the uk. I had been going out weekly with an instructor for a 90minute drive in my car(jaguar xe) and was ready for my test , then the virus struck. Hopefully i will buy the F-type shortly.

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Hi @jps1926,

This is amazing news - I’m so glad you got your license back! :blush:

What a relief for you and your family regarding your cancer scare, thank goodness you don’t have cancer and you were able to see the duty GP. Things are looking very promising indeed and I hope you stay on this winning streak! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Take care,

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