Hi Everyone, It has been a while since Iooked at the Parkinsons site.I want to ask if anyone has had the same thing that happened to me,I filled in my Driving licens form and was horified when sent a letter back from them,DO NOT DRIVE. Well I knew my driving was fine and often have to drive to my caravan in the Highlands,I was almost in tears as you would not know that I have Parkinsons.The leter stated I have a sleep problem,which I dont also I suffer from confusion,which I dont. Went to see my G P They said it never came from them,and there waas nothing in my medical files to state this.Went to see my Consultant nothing in my files also. Got a phonecall from Consultant who re -cheched my files ,and states she had filled in my form wrong, and ticked a wrong box.She will phone DVLA directly to tell them abuot ticking a wrong box,which she at leastwas full of apologies,but that DO NOT DRIVE,was hurtfull.TThanks Sky.

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I can understand why you’d feel devastated by this news and it’s really unfortunate that your consultant made that error. I hope she is able to rectify this; in the meantime, if you want more information on how to appeal their decision, you can find it on our website here:


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Thanks Reah My consultant asked me to give her a letter allowing her to get in touch with DVLA,and that’s what I did to-day,She will get back to me as soon as possible.She was very apologetic and hope to get it sorted,will let you know,and thanks for the info,

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You’re welcome - I’m glad your consultant is sorting this out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @sky & @Reah,
I hope your consultant sorts out your problems with DVLA and soon. I am sure when I reapply for my licence in May I am going to have similar issues, however, I did have a sleep problem. From March 2019 until the 8th Jan 2020, I was lucky if I was getting 3 and 1/2 hours sleep in a day. Fortunately after exhaustive testing at the Royal Papworth hospital sleep study centre they found the only issue I have is I do not get into REM sleep. Luckily for me by increasing my dose of Clonazepam by 0.5 mg within 2 days I was up to 5 hours sleep and within a week 6 hours.

I am now nearly 3 weeks in and I am getting six hours sleep a night on a regular basis. In the last week probably as I am on holiday and having one or two glasses of red wine I am managing 8 hours sleep.
I really don’t know how my very loving and caring wife put up with me for so long, being always tired and at times like a bear with a sore head.

Luckily my work were incredibly understanding so I have still got a job, one less worry. Hopefully when DVLA do write to my GP, Neurologist, Parkinson’s nurse etc they will all tick the right boxes as I no longer have a sleep problem.

Fingers crossed for you Sky in getting your licence renewed and I will have to wait to see what my outcome is but I hope I can keep my licence as otherwise it will be another part of my independence gone. Try to think positive that’s all we can do :blue_heart::sunglasses:

IPS1926 Thanks for that, Iknow that the surgeries and hospitals are always very busy,but the biggest problem of all would you believe is car parking. you have to set off very early to get a space.Iam going on holliday in a few weeks also,but hope to hear back from DVLA sooner.What I have learned is it is the GP and Consultant word that counts.Will keep you informed.

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jps1926 wrote>“Luckily for me by increasing my dose of Clonazepam by 0.5 mg”

How much do you take now, if you don’t mind saying? I currently take 0.5mg to stop my restless leg syndrome keeping me awake

Phil, I now take 1.5mg with the option to move up to 2mg but will wait and see if I need to increase further in about 14 days after I get home and get back into my normal regime.