My husband has been diagnosed with Parkinsonism, most likely MSA. Today he went online to let the DVLA know about his condition, but MSA wasn’t on the list of conditions. We’re not sure what to do, do we put it down as Parkinson’s?

I just printed out the “Surrender Driving Licence” form and put it in an envelope with my licence.

I sent it by recorded delivery and got a receipt.

Hi Maybe ask your GP what to write down , just in case. you know what red tape is like.

I gave up my licence up 6 months ago, voluntarily. I felt my responses were not as sharp as they used to be. I must admit I do miss the just jumping in the car and going some where :cry:
Esme x

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When I was diagnosed I got my Consultant to contact DVLA and it was just a matter of cancelling my HGV Licence. With Parkinsons you can’t operate heavy machinery so my days of operating 44 tonnes of screaming death came to a halt but I am allowed to drive my car and now have a three year licence.


May I suggest you contact the MSA Trust, they must be able to advise you I would have thought. In any event it may be useful to know about this site.
I hope this helps.

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My household was recently impacted by the actions of a person who should have given up driving. (Being cryptic here to preserve anonymity). The repercussions will affect us for months/years to come.

I had no hesitation in giving up driving - even though life is much more difficult, and I had to sell my car. Just a new phase of life now. But seriously considering moving to the town centre.