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Had a look around and not found the answer on here (probably due to computer muppetry) but can anyone tell me if a formal diagnisis will lead to automatic loss of HGV driving licence?

Whilst not driving for a living it forms a contractual part of my job as a HGV technician, so you can see my concern, DAT scan due early new year and believe it to confirm the worst, so I need to start thinking about my next step.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to all!

Hi Bandit
I had a formal diagnosis from a DAT scan before I notified the DVLA of my PD who then got in contact with my Doctor and specialist,questions were asked forms filled in I had a medical at my GPs.The out come was I got a licence for 3 years,a worrying and slow process but you get there in the end.
Merry Christmas.
I got a 3 year license as well but it states I am not allowed to drive vans / large vehicles etc any more (not that I did in the first place)

I hope they allow you to continue with your HGV driving but be prepared in case the answer is not what you want to hear.

Have you told them about your job and that your livelihood depends upon it, that may influence their decision.

Trouble is, with PD being so unpredictable, you may not be able to drive as safely as you once did. The drugs can make you drowsy etc and an accident in a car is bad but in a lorry it could be devastating.

Provided you can still meet the medical standard for driving HGV or PCV you will still be able to drive . Bear in mind the medical standard required to drive HGV and PCV are understandably higher than for driving a car. If you are able to meet the higher medical standard your license will probably be issued on a yearly basis.
It is possible to meet the higher medical standard even though Parkinson's has been diagnosed.
Have a chat with your consultant and get their opinion, DVLA will write to your consultant.
my personal opinion is that if you have pd you have to stop driving hgvs as soon as possible. likewise you need to stop being a dentist, surgeon or bomb disposal officer.
the problems are decision making and spatial awareness - the bigger the vehicle th bigger the risk to others.
Hi bandit

We have a big section on our website about driving and Parkinson's - http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/driving

Also a free publication you can download at - http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/advice/publications/day-to-day_living/driving_and_parkinsons_bookl.aspx

Not entirely sure if the answer to your specific question will be there but there are lots of useful contact details or alternatively you can phone our free confidential helpline if you need to on 0808 800 0303.

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Hi Bandit
I was an HGV driver when I was diagnosed in 2003, I informed the DVLA at the time and I was sent for a HGV Medical, I then received a letter from the DVLA stating that there were no restrictions on my license also in the letter was a form that I could fill in when I felt it was time to stop driving and get it signed by my Doctor.

When the time came to hang up my driving hat I duly filled in the form which I took to my doctor to inform him that I no longer felt safe driving an HGV which he signed under protest as he thought I was still ok to drive, when the letter landed on the mat telling me that my HGV license was being revoked, it also stated that there were no restrictions on my car or motorcycle entitlement.
The problems started when I split up with my wife, she wrote To the DVLA and stated that I was unfit to drive at the same time she wrote to the DLA to inform them that I was fully fit and not entitled to receive the mobility or the care allowance.

I found out when my license did not come back from the DVLA after I had sent it away to have the photo updated, I phoned the DVLA to find out where my license had got to and was told that due to information received from a third party they were looking into my fitness to drive, I filled in the forms and sent them back, they replied with another letter asking me to have a medical which was carried out by my doctor, another letter arrived telling me to attend a medical at a DVLA approved Doctor which I passed, the next letter from the DVLA telling me I had to go for a driving assessment, I passed the driving assessment and the DVLA returned my license with a 3 year restricted license, they also took the C1 entitlement off so now I can only drive vehicles up to 3,500KG So I can't now drive a 7,500kg vehicle.

I hope this post is of some help to you