DWP Changes to long term sickness re-assessments

Did anyone see reports on BBC Breakfast about the DWP scrapping repeat assessments for those people with long term sickness or disabilities where there is little or no chance that their conditions will improve?

If this is correct I wonder if that means those of us still on DLA will be able to move on to PIP without the need to apply for it or having to undergo medical assessments? I can only live in hope.

You can't help wondering if somebody has realised that the cost of engaging the likes of ATOS and Capita to carry out the assessments is maybe costing more than just paying out the benefit to those who actually need it.

Does anyone have any more detailed info?


i am so pleased about this news but wonder what is going to be the catch always a bit sceptical of the tories it wont be as simple as that (i may be wrong idk) what about the bedroom tax ? are they going to revrse that as well?


I had a pip assessment and a esa assessment this summer I asked for a copy of the Pip assessment by the assessor, on the form there is a box "is the claimant likely to improve" or words to that effect i.e 'is it worth going through this assessment again in 1,2,3 yrs' the assessor can either tick it or recommend 1,2,3 yrs?? in a box above.

So I am a little sceptical as well, have they really announced anything ??

I have been awarded esa support group Twice and Pip enhanced mobility/living till june 2018.

No Tick of the box.

I am an eternal optimist it has to be said but Parkinson's was given several times as the kind of condition the change would relate to.

It will be interesting to see what develops over the next few weeks. Hopefully, Sea Angler there willl be no more boxes to tick but with a Tory government who knows?.

Does this apply to pip too, from what I have heard it is only esa claims? Be good if it does cover pip too.

I've just watched the channel 4 news and I think you could be right Sytra, it may only apply to ESA. I don't qualify for this myself but it sounds like it could be good news for those who do.

Hi everyone, 

It's positive news but I think we are all waiting to see what comes of it and how it will affect people with Parkinson's. We put a news piece up about it yesterday if you fancy reading it. https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/news/1-october-2016/parkinsons-uk-welcomes-benefit-announcement

We'll keep you updated! Hope you've all had a good weekend. 



                           If there ever  was a  more blatant full scale assault on the sick poor  and  defenceless well perhaps the  Viking  raids,  or  Will the  Conkerplayer in 1066 would  be  on  a  similar level of  savagery chuck  in  the  demolition of  the   NHS and theres the  hat  trick,  just  how  many  elderly and  entitled  to  PIP  will  never  receive  it  as  they  dont have a  PC   or  they simply  die   fretting at  the cuts  they  will  be taking  and  have  no  one  to  help  them solve  the  puzzles  of  the questionnaire ,  hang  on  I will  put  my  silly head  on   right

                 If you prefer carrots to  potatoes the  improvement in  your  eyesight may  result  in  loss  of benefit   or        can you climb a standard Lighthouse without pausing, if  you do (pause)  you  may  lose  benefit  as  the  paused  time could  be  used   in  a  more  productive  manner ,, ehh  erm  ya  what              or  perhaps if  you  are   over  65 you  are a drain  on   the  countries resources and  especially  if  you  have  a  long  term high maintenance disease  such  as  parky   alzeheimers   MS or any     horrible  painfull problem   well  you would  be  better  off  checking out  really  wouldnt  you,  extra  points  if  you  follow  up  on  this  advice.

                                   Me  bitter who  me  NAH   FED 

And 12 months before you PIP term is up they now send you a form to fill in to see how things have changed or if you've got any better.!!!!! Why don't they leave the sick and disabled alone and go after the extremely rich who avoid paying billions in tax. Also these people making the rules haven't got a clue because unless you're sick, disabled or a carer you're couldn't possibly know what its like.




Yes Billy could not agree more !!!!

Billywhizz- I received this review form on Friday and they wrote there that if they will not receive it back with supporting evidence by 25December they may stop my pip payments! (one year before my pip term finish). They attached 2nd class envelope and you know how busy post is before Christmas... Maybe DWP found the cure for PD if they think that I am better now!

Krzysiek98....Phone Parkinsons uk for help to fill the forms in and photocopy them, send them back recorded delivery.


Thanks I will do that