Dx at 37 but still a gymaholic! I

Hello! I've just joined the forum. I was diagnosed in July last year however, I've had problems for around 4 yrs. I do lots of exercise and it started with pain in my right shoulder so naturally I just thought I'd injured myself. . As did all the Drs and several operations and procedures followed, to no avail. I was by now also suffering back pain and slight tremors in my right arm. Drs believed that the back pain was all related to the nerve pain in my shoulders and that my system was just in overdrive! I was on a shed load of meds and nothing was working. Eventually whilst on holiday in Cornwall we were walking on a coast path and my right leg just gave way and began shaking really violently. It was very frightening. I had some minor tremors in my leg before that but if I'm honest I'd assumed my muscles were just tired from exercising. After all the various tests MRI, EMG etc I saw a neuro who dropped the PD bombshell. My balance was also quite bad in the dark by now and fatigue and sleep patterns not great. I was started on sinnemet (levadopa). . . Wow what a difference! I had my life back. I may have parkinsons but the meds finally put me back in the driving seat. Since then I now have more movement in my right arm which had lost almost all of its functionality due to pain.thanks to my meds and physio. I'm even starting doing arm weights! My exercise was back on track too I was able to train much better. I love spinning but due to my balance hadn't been able to stand on the bike. . now I can! Unfortunately I've recently injured myself. . Ive torn the cartilage in my left knee which has stopped me doing the high intensity exercise I normally do but I'm still in my beloved gym doing what I can. Well that's me. . Bit long winded I probably lost you a while back! Lol


Hi godrevy

Well done you, and welcome!

I started with symptoms very like yours over 6 years ago.   I’ve always been a great believer in the benefit of exercise and one of the first signs something was wrong was the tremor I got after my weights classes as well as two separate shoulder injuries. 

This week, five years after diagnosis, I’ve taken my son’s big dog out three times for 3-mile walks and the result is that I’m getting less backache and standing straighter without even thinking about it.  At 67, I’m happy with that. 

More and more studies are confirming that exercise is good for PD, so enjoy your gym work!


welcome godrevy ,hope you find the forum helpfull !


Another welcome, godrevy!

It sounds to me as if you already have TWO of the best things you can have to deal with PD.  Not only do you exercise vigorously and frequently, but also you have a very positive, optimistic attitude.  Studies seem to show that a happy outlook produces helpful chemicals in the brain.  Laughter truly is a medicine for us.

I have to admit that my scholarly bent made me closer to a "couch potato" than to someone like you.  My only real exercise was hiking two or three times a week, because I lived near a trailhead.  But when I was diagnosed, I read about the benefits of exercise for pwp and joined a gym as well as increasing my hiking distances.  Now, after more than 17 years with PD, I still exercise regularly and take a combination of drugs and supplements.  The result (with good fortune probably another factor) is that I am in the first stage of the disease and not progressing noticeably!  When I tell people I've had PD about 18 years, they are always surprised.

You can see why I like to tell my story to newly diagnosed pwp.  It proves that while PD is not a death sentence for anyone, for some it may not even be much of a life-changer!

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nice reading j


Thanks, Gus!  I notice you're a man of few words, so I appreciate it when you spend a few on me.



good health


Hi, I was diagnosed in November 2013 age 41 and agree totally about exercise which is great for anyone, particularly those with Parkinsons. I regularly go running and swimming and still play Sunday league football, although on dark January nights its more difficult to motivate yourself to get out. I just have to keep reminding myself of the benefits. The indoor cycling  machine helps too in the winter.

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Hi I can't agree more about exercise. My husband is awaiting Datscan after having shoulder problems for last couple of years. One of his most problematic symptoms is depression and I aren't sure if this is related to Parkinsons or the lengthy diagnostic process but playing golf and weight lifting makes him incredibly more positive and reduces the tremor that affects his hand arm and shoulder. On the days that he doesn't exercise he seems to be incredibly low so despite some apathy he does force himself to do exercise and always feels more positive afterwards. 

Keep active Klou


J, What a great positive story you tell. . Fantastic! Exactly the sort of thing I joined this forum to read. Thank you Kind regards godrevy :0)


You're welcome.  I'm happy that my words can give other pwp additional hope!


How many of us started this PD thing with a shoulder problem?




Hi Betty . My problems began with shoulder problem  . I had physio, nerve block ,two injections , referred to pain clinic then to orthopaedics . Like you was told impinged shoulder rotator cuff problem and that I needed op . Still no scan of shoulder tho just x ray . When I saw orthopaedic consultant he referred me to neurologist and told me I didn't need an op on shoulder . By this point I now had weakness and difficulty walking . Still have problem with shoulder . Seems to be common . 



I was diagnosed with impinged shoulder after 3/4 years of thinking I had  arthritis.  NHS physio was awful.

After being diagnosed with PD shoulder pain went when I started Azilect.



Hi godrevy,

Here`s one of my old posts on the subject of exercise.


 Undeniable proof

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to anyone out there who doubts the importance of regular exercise for us Parkies.

I was recently laid low with a stomach bug and did no exercise at all for 3 days -  it was an effort just to get out of bed.

I had little sympathy from my wife who tells me that " kids get colds,men get flu, and women get on with it "

I routinely exercise up to two hours a day using an exercise bike and the Wii Fit Plus - I`m 62 but have a Wii Fit Plus age of 23.......Okay, I cheat a little,especially with the yoga routines.

Consequently my rigidity and tremor increased greatly and it`s taken the last 3 days ( back on my exercise routine ) for my symptoms to return to normal.

So there you are, undeniable proof that regular exercise DOES have a positive impact on Parky symptoms.