Dying with dignity

I am new here, it's my 1st post. I feel like I lost my dearest mum to the unmercifully slow killer that is Parkinson's. He is hanging over her with a black shroud, killing off her brain cells and robbing her of her body functions till there is nothing left of her!
I know I am fighting a losing battle, but I want to save my Mum from death's clutches- I just don't know how.. I am literally watching my beloved Mum fade away in front of me.
The woman lying paralysed in the bed, staring into space and looking through me with faraway eyes is unrecognisable. It's not my clever, humorous, loving mother I knew.
It's as if only her shell is still present - suffering and praying for relief, but thankfully her spirit has already quietly fled away. 
My mother is in Hungary where sadly hospice care does not include Parkinson sufferers. She is currently in the hospital,  I want to know how can I ease her pain and discomfort? How can I help her pass with dignity? 

Hello Azupan

are you in Hungary too? If you are, and you are with your Mum, talk to her, tell her how much you love her. Sing to her, favourite songs or hymns as appropriate. And hold her. Make sure she is not alone. These simple things may help to dignify her passing. 

This is such a difficult time for you. Look after yourself too.

Best wishes