I am being battered by that unrelenting evil associate of BLACKHEART, Dyskinesia , and the cause of this battering ,,eating,, yes folks mr P has found a chink in Feds armour  whenever I sit down at the kitchen table and a meal is placed in front of me ,it fires up Dysky , with a vengence, only a couple of days ago I mentioned that heavy rock music stopped Dysky , and it did, even trading possible hearing loss  would be acceptable to banish the agitated display that is Dky , and lo and behold it has invaded meal times, making it impossible to enjoy my food, I usually give up and never finish a meal now, it seems to work on a sliding scale method, for example I love chocolate raisins so I pick up the packet and before I can open it  Dsky hits, all be it mild on the FEDATTACK scale, then try Fish and Chips and the battle heats up bigtime, its uncontrollable I must look as if somehow I have plugged my finger in a electric socket  ,its impossible and dangerous to  try and carry on as food flies all over and there is also the fact that I have a knife and fork in my hands I have already sliced my nose , how can so much  blood come from sutch a small cut, I am going to use a spoon for every thing now and so  P has found a way to cause me anger and frustration, I thought at least if I am eating less my weight should come down but it has in fact gone up and the reason for the gain,I have prostate cancer and have implants under my skin every two months, my doc said if  I am not carefull my weight will go up rapidly, I cant stop the implants or the grim reaper will come knocking, and you cant tell him to shove off can you,, So there you have it if I eat less I get large,and trying to eat is like going to war, which I suppose it is, so I will have to gather the twelve brain cells and try to find a way through yet another minefield,  HEY HO isnt P wonderful

                                                               Regards  Fed



dear Fed

as a prostate candidate i empathise,

the duodopa was meant to prevent dysk.


i'm afraid the only solution that comes to mind is liquid food.

eg soup, smoothies etc

Hello Turnip,

            I   have tried turning my food into a semi puree and that also gets stuck, so I made it more watery and I still could not swallow it, it makes me turn green and bust out of my shirt, but at least my LEVIS stay intact. it seems the only stuff that goes down easily is custard and ice cream,, yummy yummy I hear you say, but not mixed with small chunks of chicken or beef and assorted veg, I did were try that and well, are you familiar with the term projectile vomiting, this was TurboSupercharged vomiting, I dont know where this is going, I have been given those nutritious drinks which I mix with milk and froth it up, its very nice and the flavours are many and varied , but after a while I get sick of them and crave something I can get my teeth into the only safe route for sure is to climb to low earth  orbit and NUKE the site,,??? sorry I have been watching ALIENS again, did you know that two or more of those Alien movies were shot at Blyth Power Station  5 mls from my home in Northumberland, I have often carried out sub contract work there with a CAT225 , they are Interesting places there is always major activity. I know I am off  track here , just thought you may find it of interest.mr greenthis is me after the chicken custardmr green

                                  Take care old friend, the crocuses are in bloom, Kindest Regards

                                                             Fed      ps  i have recieved a appointment for a barium XRAY " ummm tasty  "     on my throat  in two weeks and  so the battle goes on Turnip.

more dr who than aliens (custard and fish fingers). not good.

was told today mrs t had mrsa

then not

useless bloody hospital in armidale

thats a big digger - looks fun, at least for a bit.

Good morning Turnip

                       We had a lot of  showers   yesterday which did not suit the crocuses I will wait for a while and hopefully their beauty will recover.and I will take a few photos  Regarding the big cat it was a very nice machine to operate the controls smooth and as it was built before the installation of computers you could   sense what the machine was up to and adjust your  technique accordingly, the latest most up to date equipment are all fitted with load sensors and if you exceed the DESIGN PARAMETERS the machine will simply stop, it has removed the great skills that experienced mahine operators took many years to build up and I am glad , in some ways ,,,i am retired though I do miss the friendship making new friends ( and enemies ) in my 28 yrs in construction, you will understand, anyway arrowarrowonward , I have been meaning to ask what was your mode of employment in Australia, and could you send your E mail address to me and pics by return my info is available, I hope things are improving in your life  my thoughts are with you my friend.

                          I dont know what the time difference is, its  9.29 here AM what is it your end.

                                                                    Best wishes   FEDEXsmile

Hi Fedex and Turnip

I just came across these postings whilst looking on the Forum and enjoyed reading them you have obviously built up a friendship over time which is lovely to read.

All the best to both of you.  I was diagnosed 10 years ago and have coped really well for most of that time but am struggling a bit now but your posts have given me hope - thank you.

Best wishes to you both.





Thankyou Wye123

SEE my post above, I am curious, why WYE  123 are you near the river of the same name, almost drowned in the dam thing 30 yrs  back, my  Fed name comes from the FEDEX LOGISTICS CO who worked wonderes deeliveringg a parcel to me in 24hrs or less from the deep south USA


Hi Fed,

Thought I'd drop in. How's things these days? Any new flowers in your garden? My black tulips are nearly finished, and the clover is 2 foot high.

Hi Fed,

i highly recommend 5 minutes of Pete Towshend 'windmilling' just before sitting down to eat. The poor old limbs will be so confused they're bound to behave. Besides, Pinball Wizzard is a great aperitif.

Keep rockin'


AH the WHO  Banjo, great group, quiet gentle souls, all the music from that era has stood the test, I cant remember any of the groups or music now its  sh/////,, not good.OW            NOT TOO GOOD

                                   REGARDSESES           FED


Hello Sheryll

I was browsing through the posts and came upon yours which I unforgivably did not return the courtesy of a reply,I have called myself some very unpleasant names for this oversight and for any offence I may have caused, I am very forgetful now but no excuses I was wrong and I appologise.

We have had a lot of rain here and the weeds are flourishing so I will ask my daughter to bring her dog down if you point to a spot on the ground and say weeds, she digs away and wont stop until she has cleared them all its so funny but you cant laugh or she stops?, I think she was crossed with a honey badger as she is frightened of nothing and sees off dogs cats horses elephants,,,well perhaps not the last one there.

                                                   Must go now as parky is about             Best wishes  Fed