Dyskinesia and Neupro patches

I have now been on Neupro patches 8mg for two weeks in that time my dyskinesia has worsened and my sleep is not good. I know everybody is different but has anybody found that the longer you persevere with the patches the side effects may wear off.
Also interested to hear if anybody has used CBD for sleep problems.
Thanks for your help.

I have been on 6mg per day for last 6 months and 4mg 8 months previous, and it took about 1 month for it to work well enough to stop my restless legs at night now on the whole my sleeping is good

Hi , I think l only sent half my reply, not used to my new phone. I have used Neupro 4mg then 6 mg and it took 1 month to work well enough to stop my restless legs and now I sleep on the whole very well. I do get some dyskinesia in the evening but not sure whether it’s the patch or sastravi. I have tried CBD oil and did’nt see much difference. Look after yourself and hope you sort your dyskinesia out.

Thank you for your reply I will keep going a bit longer and see what happens. Sue