Dyskinesia in the Restaurant

Hello All, have you ever heard that daft song,,"I get knocked down I get back up I Get knocked back down I get up etc etc etc ad -infinitum well that's my day but don't mention it I did but I think I got away with it as I have been mostly ok today, you aint seen me right.But I am going off track again, I have a question
can anyone explain this , every time I do or attempt to do something I really enjoy Dyskinesia spoils the show, I will give you an example, here are 10 activities with a Dysco rating, starting at the lowest, Hospital visits D RTG 0.5
Trying to sleep D RTG 2 Watching a Exiting Film D RTG4 , Visiting a nice place such as the Lake District D RTG 10, a Train Journey RTG25 ,A Plane trip RTG40, and so on until I get to a meal in a Restaurant RTG 1760 why oh why should this be so, if I have tomato soup starter my wife and anyone within a 6mtr radius look as if they've been hit by a shotgun blast, if the main meal is steak my wife has to cut it into small pieces to enable me to chew them, if I try the meal goes up the wall, on the floor anywhere but not inside ME anything which requires precision or neatness and off it goes. Even when I am talking to group of Friends about a mutually interesting subject, I am ok until I realize that all eyes are upon me. In an instant my speech goes and dysko arrives big time. I must look like a demented Thunderbird puppet "why?" Nature is beautiful but it can also be sadistic and cruel. PD can crush me or allow me a day's respite. I am at blackheart's mercy but one thing I will not do is bow, submt, give in. Anyway I often shout out when I feel like death is coming to breakfast, I shout out "IS THAT ALL YOU CAN DO, I POUR SCORN ON YR EFFORTS PARKY." Bring it on.

I usually lose but occasionally I win, the soluble Madopar is a godsend and has rescued me so many times. I am ok now as I have finished this post. Spooky isn't it.