Dyskinesia, Levodopa and Dopamine Agonistes

From what I have read it would seem that Dopamine Agonistes are less likely than Levodopa medications to cause dyskinesia. I’ve been on Co-careldopa for a year and have a friend who has been on the same medication and dose for twelve years and she now has severe dyskinesia which has such a detrimental effect on her quality of life. It’s upsetting to watch and I dread it happening to me.

Has anyone switched from Levodopa to Agonistes in the early stages of the disease, and if so, how did that go?

Has anyone switched later on in the development of the disease, perhaps at onset of dyskinesia, and, if so, what was the effect of that?

I would be most interested and grateful to hear any other comments or experiences of this .


Agonists can cause dyskinesia too, as well as other side effects. I have taken sinemet / co-careldopa for 30 years and do experience dyskinesia from time to time. I mostly keep it at bay by regularly adjusting timing of sinemet (ie wait until I feel a dose wearing off before the next dose) and as the day goes on, making sure I eat some protein so I don’t get too much of a hit from the levadopa. For me, it is a fine balance, but on an agonist I was an insomniac and developed addictions!!! Dyskinesia, I agree, is very unpleasant, but usually short-lived.

I was on Levodopa for 5 years, I ended up in a wheelchair from 2015 till 2019
I stopped and was able to walk ,albeit not much but able to drive again
Check the first side effect and you may think differently a out the drug

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It is very comforting to read your entry, sallyjt. Over the past 7 years I have taken an increasing dose of sinemet, reaching 8 tablets daily (25/100), which the neurologist is reluctant to increase further due to the risk of dyskinesia. Occasionally my head moves involuntarily but nothing too worrying. Like you, I try to limit the sinemet through various strategies.
I also weaned myself off the agonists for the same reason you give.
I am fascinated to read that you consciously use protein to flatten the peaks. It would be great if the drug remained in circulation longer by this strategy and thereby also extended its effects. Do you think this is possible?