Can anyone help I am in a lot of pain most days with dyskinesia in my right leg. I have tried massage, cold compresses, exercise to no avail. My consultant says apart from amantadine which causes skin discolouration he has no solution. Any suggestions as to how to control the writhing would b appreciated.

Hello, farmers_wife,
To help reduce dysknesia, I was advised to lower the dosage of mystalevo tablets but take them more often.
For example
over a period of time stop using 75mg stalevo tablets x 6 gradually changing to 50mg tablets x 8.
It has made a marked effect on frequency and severity of dyskinesia.

Thanks but I am not taking Stalevo. My meds are sinemet and selegiline plus slow release tab at night.

Maybe you would have to look into your sinemet dose? I suppose we are all trial and error.
All the best