Can anyone suggest a remedy for Dyskinesia? Has anyone tried Amantadine? Can anyone recommend a natural remedy? My husband is 75 years old, diagnosed in 2011 and by and large manages to fight the symptoms well, however Dyskinesia is becoming a problem. Any suggestions would be great. Thankyou

I have noticed a few Youtube videos suggesting that vaping nicotine helps Dyskinesia. eg.here.

Dyskinesia is not a big problem for me but may well become so in the future so I will be giving nicotine a try.

Good luck.

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Have you tried taking 2 x 62.5mg / instead of 125mg if on sinemet, i know it sounds strange but it works

He’s actually on Madopar . I am hoping to get a prescription for Amantadine as I am told this works well for Dyskinesia. I will post the results.

Apparently macuna prunes + carbidopa can help.
I have read this book here:

But you need a doctor who is willing to try this with you, and most of them don’t want to, due to not by the book approach. :frowning: