Can anyone explain why I suffer agonizing Dysco at meal times,the more delicious
the meal the worse the Dysco, for instance my wife sat me down to a tasty braised steak with all the trimmings and before I even got to the table It started
I must look like a string puppet after 12pints of Carlsberg Special,also on
commencement my attempts to deliver food to mouth is very like firing at a moving
target,a target travelling at 500mph, the grub will go I my ear ,eye ,other ear chin ,down my shirt and eventually a direct hit, this unfortunately accelerates the D~~~~~~~~~~S~~~~O to Hypersonic velocity by the time I complete this " meal
ordeal,,,I feel like a Boxer that has gone 50 rounds with Tyson Ali and Lennox
Lewis, at the same time, and as for the Apple Charlotte, need I say more.
Can anyone relate to this strange behaviour:disappointed:
Regards fedexlike
Hi Fedexlike,

Sorry to hear you are suffering so badly, my husband had quite a lot of dyskinsia which was only solved by having a palidotomy, sadly some people are more prone than others but the only way to suffer less with it is to cut down on dopermine which of course you probably can't do without slowing down too much. I hope that if you have the duo pump it will make life easier for you and perhaps the food will end up in the right place, of course you may put on a little weight but who care's eh!
Best wishes for 2013
I recently came across an Italian study on the effect of intensive rehabilitation treatment in Parkinson patients with dyskinesias. The study was followed up after 6 months, all patients were able to reduce their levodopa dosage,had significant reduction in dyskinesia and improvement in motor symptoms. It would appear that with the right rehab treatment which includes intensive exercises, one can gain some measure of control over this disease.


Hope this can be of help. Best wishes for the New Year.
interesting Fed
when the fork or spoon is near the mouth, the tricep is at its max so the inbalance with the bicep is at its worst, exagerating any tremor.
anticipation of something tasty will increase the acetylcholine transmitters
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7845585 also exagerating the loss of dopamine.

i think that explains it (is there a symbol for smartarse?) = :fearful::bulb:
I don't suffer from dyskinesia but quite often, when I'm eating, my right arm starts to shake uncontrollably. Many a delicious meal out has been spoiled by this embarrassing problem. I just have to put my knife and fork down, take a deep breath and try to relax. Failing that I eat with just a fork or spoon in my left hand. Eating tomato soup can be quite hazardous.
Thankyou turnip for your expert appraisal of my Dyski I was thinking along the same lines myself ,,,I was honest,,I there must be some ingredient among the many that lie dormant in front line positions until they get the call "quick hes going to enjoy something we cant allow that" or "He is writing to that Parky Forum
again painting us In a bad light cant have that" .On a much bigger scale myself
and family are planning a trip to Normandy,visiting the D Day beaches and of course the vast cemeteries , to pay my respects to those men who lost their lives
on that day I am always overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotion when visiting war
graves so I hope Dyskie does stay away, Kindest Regards
Christo, thankyou for replying ,as you say using a spoon tend to reduce the
collateral damage caused by food launched at high speed in all directions, it
was happening so many times we cannot go to the occasional posh Restaurant now
and our kitchen of our small cottage has a Kaleidescope of colours on the wall where I sit and is repainted every week.
Regards fedex
as someone who nowadays bursts into tears after two bars of the theme from Gone With the Wind, I don't think I could manage the sight of so many young lives wasted (not that defeating Nazism was a waste, but the existence of such a stupid political idea that resulted in a second war, the stupidity of versailles etc). of the loss to mothers, siblings, children.
The only thing worse than a battle lost is a battle won.
Arthur Wellesley
Hello Turnip, your words echo my own, I have been intending to visit this most
special of places since I was 17, my uncle Vic drove a Churchill tank and went ashore after the beaches had been secured, I used to visit him and Aunt Thea on
holliday,he would never talk about it , it was on 60th aniversary of the landings
When watching footage of British Tanks being shredded by the superior German tanks
with their awesome 88mm gun, I thought of Vic , only in his early twenties just a boy really, I sat down and wrote to my uncle and thanked him for what he did,weeping
as my carefully chosen words filled three pages, it was almost as if his grief and
shock was being released through me,Aunt Thea said he never cried.
We intend going on April 6th in my Daughters 7 seat S MAX I will make it.
Kindest Regards fedex
ps even old BLACKHEART wont stop me