Apologies if this has been highlighted before.

I`ve just come across this remarkable video and felt the need to share it with the forum.

I`ve no idea how to post a link - I`m not that knowledgeable computer wise  - I still think a megabyte is something you put in a pie.

You can view the video if you Google 62newlife - Youtube.



That's amazing Jacko.

However, I did look at the wrong video first, where this American lady was promoting marijuana!!

Or perhaps that's  the one you meant??



Hi Twinks,

Glad you found the right video eventually.

I`ve  never taken drugs myself - although I confess i did try a Pot Noodle once.

The guy in the video does come across as genuine, doesn`t he ?

It just proves what an amazing and complex piece of kit the brain is.

I have had a similar experience relating to my brain and Parkinsons - If I try to comb my hair with my right hand (my effected side )  my movement is shaky and ratchety, but if I  do the same movement with both hands, it`s perfect ....explain that if you can !


Hi again,

Yes the guy is definitely genuine. And like you, I have never used drugs.

Can't explain the hair thing........most strange. I find that wearing a 2" band round my upper arm, gives me more control. I don't have dyskinesia though, I have bradykinesia and therefore slow movement.

I have a friend with PD, who shakes, but paints lovely delicate pictures. The shakes stop, as soon as she puts brush to paper.

Like you say, the brain in very complex and seems capable of many surprises. Just wish they'd make some headway in finding a cure!