Dyskinesis at meal times

Hello. My partner has lived with Parkinson’s for 14 years. Over the last 5 years she has increasingly suffered from dyskinesis at meal times making social events with food a trial. We have noticed that the dyskinesis can be avoided by eating just before complete off periods. However, this approach runs the risk of dealing with ‘the shakes’ and limited mobility. Any ideas why the features levodopa/mealtimes/dyskinesis occur and, therefore, any idea of actions that might prevent dyskinesis at meal times. Thanks Steven

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Hi Avis,

I’ve had Parky’s for about fifteen years now and have been advised that I’m now into “Late Stage’ (what ever that may mean). I’m 84, so still young.

With my Parkinson’s the problem of dyskinesia is now at all meal times. The more formal the meal, the worse the Dyskenesia. It is so bad now Ihat Social meals are not welcomed and I avoid them. What can you do about it? Not a lot, I’m reluctant to say. Control through self discipline and being conscious of the predicament is of little use, Parkinson’s just doesn’t work like that. As for waiting for just before ‘off periods’ to begin, in my case I get little or no notice of when ‘off periods are about to start and sometimes an ‘off period can last several hours, sometimes, just a few minutes.
I honestly think you are stuck with this problem. Try anything you can however and good luck,

Ps You could try putting some netting around yourself to catch the bits of food as they fly off your fork towards an unsuspecting dining companion. Perhaps not the best idea though?