i have dyslexia and i would just like to explain wot it is,cus some people dont understand how hard it is.some people think your thick,and more they tell you that your thick the more you belive it,and start to give up with things and feel horrible.your born with the conditon and its herity.people with it ant lazy,they really work hard.its not just about readin havin trouble with its numbers as well.research shows it how the brain prosess information.some people think people with dyslexia reverse letters and numbers and see erm backwards.but thats not the problem its reconizin phonemes which is basic sounds and speech.for example the b in bat sound is a phonemes,therefor to struggle with the conection beetwen sound and letter symbol and to blend words in to sounds.this makes it harder to reconize.short words or sounds out longer words.meanin of words is oftern lost and readin is poorhence havin problems spellin and numbers.i hope this is explained alittle to some people how hard it is to cope with .thankyou :smile:
Dyslexia runs in my family, my brother has it but now works for IBM as an IT consultant, writing papers on his chosen field and is highly respected. (and regularly head hunted)

My son, now aged 28 has severe Dyslexia and really struggled at school. He now has a university degree in music,a good job training to be a surveyor and plays his guitar to de-stress.

Both my nephews have it too. One is at university studying criminology,the other one is studying genetics.

Having dyslxia makes it harder but not impossible to succeed. They are all completely literate but have to be more careful with written work.

My son also has difficulties with short term memory but has created strategies to help. He is very bright, articulate, funny, popular and refuses to let his difficulties rule his life.

I am very proud of them all!!!
Ali, thanks for the explanation I think you do really well trying to keep everyone informed, and also supporting new members. As you can see from Carolineb211 post having dyslexia just makes it a little harder with written work.
Carolineb211 you are right to be proud of your family - great achievements for them all despite dyslexia. :smile:
Ali please continue to post, :grin:
One of the most able children I ever taught had some degree of dyslexia type problems. He had learnt to read fairly easily but when he tried to write he could not spell. The parents were both high achievers, I think there was an uncle who had had problems. It was at the time when the Literacy Hour was being introduced and there was such a terrible stress on handwriting and spelling. He suffered so much from the feeling that he was not valued because of a weakness that he could do so little about.
As we seem to be on the subject of dyslexia I will tell you about my daughter. When she was at Primary School she seemed to be pretty good at everything. As I was a working Mum with 3 children I always listened to the kids read. One night I decided to point to words in her reading book and was horrified to find out she didn't or couldn't say the words I pointed to. I had had a hard day at work and got cross with her, asking how in God's name do you not know the words when you are after reading to me. Her wee face fell and she got upset. Next day I made an appointment with the head master.
I told him I was concerned over her reading and he told me she was the best reader in her class. I asked him had he ever pointed to the words, he hadn't. My daughter was sent for and she came to the office. He asked her to read and she did ....word perfect. When he ask her to say the words he pointed out she couldn't. Turns out she was relaying on her memory. The head master was shocked.

To cut a long story short we got the help she needed and although it did help her she still took a little longer than most. On to High school and her English teacher rang me and said she was lazy, I told her she was not lazy she was dyslexic which said teacher denied. I reminded her that it was she who tested her in PS and produced the papers she had signed. The teacher was mortified.
Daughter went on to take A levels she was given extra time to complete the papers. Three A levels she got, Eng Lit, Geography, and Maths (she was not number dylsexic) and Science, Eng Lang. she got a B.

In life after schooling she flew for a major Air Line, the exams for that were hard but she passed all with Flying colours. Left the Airline after 4 years and secured a job with Barclays Bank where she worked her way up to be a manager. Left this to have her first child. Now she is teaching my grandson to read. So there is life even with Dyslexia if you put in the hours to help yourself.

There are many adult learning centers dotted around the country if you do need help.
i thankyou all for your post on this thread.its surpissing how comman dyslexia is.everyone children who have achived school,and got good levels and good jobs,you must be so proud of erm.last year i tryed goin to a group at the local college for people with dyslexia,belive it or not i did get better,but in the end wot my prob also was my concentration,and meds came into it as well,it effected my brain,im on a lot of meds,and painkillers,and they make me very sleepy,that did not help,me brain was not really very active enough to do wot i was ment to be doin.this was verified by a gp ,and so i left the course.and thought well may be my dyslexia could of been helped,but my mind,meds and concentration could not,its something which is goin to get worse ,so now im in the situation you see me in,you get wot you see kinda thing,i no my speelin and english may frustrate some people,and im very sorry for that happinin.but least now you got a fuller picture of wots it been like for me,i really wish i had the care when i was at school as wot they get now adays,and may be things would be more improved.but hey thats life eh,im wot iam,and now we got this disease to contend with ,well my mind ,brain just ant the same as say couple years ago,my pd deffo got worse.
I totally agree Radz. with all the opportunities available these days regarding adult literacy, there is no excuse to continue to have poor literacy skills..

In my area there are loads of adult literacy classes, loads of older people attend them and learn to read, write and access the computer in their 50's 60's and even one elderly man of 73!!.

If you can use a computer it has spell checks, grammar checks, thesaurus' etc to help.

In modern life, these skills are essential, especially when you have something like PD and need to complete endless forms for DLA/ Blue badge etc.
I don't know much about dyslexia except that nowadays a lotof help is given to children who suffer from it; also of course what ali j has told us.
I'm sure there are many adult literacy classes available nationwide,but everyone is different. Some people have the will & courage to try something new, difficult or different, and others are less secure & less willing or able for whatever reason, to access these kinds of classes.
The important thing is to be able to communicate with others, & be understood. Sometimes you can be literate & still misunderstood!
All we can do is try our best- and keep posting.
Greetings to all. EM
Well expressed Ellemac,

I thought Caroline's "there is no excuse" sounded a bit judgemental unless Caroline meant that there is no excuse for the powers that be to let so many slip through the net. I spent a deal of time compsoing a post only to find that I had been logged out!!!

By the way the spell check here was quite happy with my "compsoing" typo but it does not like your name Ellemac. Spell checkers are notoriously unreliable.
when people say there is no excuse why you can not read and rite this day and age,is not quite as easy as they think,ive already expalined in other threads to do with anxierty and panic attacks,people have spoke of there experences,also when your words go and can not think.now thats all difficult too,and could say no excuss.take a deep breath ,slow down and try harder,etc.nope,im sorry and i no there is people with pd and other problems that will agree with me.when you have high anxerity levels,when your told your worthless over and over agin that dont help me either,i clamp up and then my words can get worse spellin,and even speakin.im not the only one out there expercising these problems.for those people who have managed to get through it all,with dyslexia i take me hat off to erm,but may be they did not have the under lyin other conditons evolvin around that i have and some other folks.im not makin excuses,and ive come forward to try and explain wot me problem is.as far as spell check,well ive spoke to moderaters about this in the past,by the time i have rote a ,well say the amount i have now,im strugglin,tired,concentration,fingers hurtin,and rists,from pd.so to keep goin up to spell check every few seconds ,well i would never get it done.the answer from the moderater was,i have a family member with dyslexia i do understand,if people have a prb ,please do say so and they be happy to help out.now there is only a handful of folks on here who has a prob with me and my spellin,everyone else says ali u doin fine,i can understand you keepposting,i carnt change,and truthly i wish i could,but how i am is how i am,like one member said were not all perfect.i was good at me runnin,some good at golf,some good at readin ,some can understand when helped,some carnt.if we was all the same,were would we be,it be one of a hell of a borin life.to the people who have got a prob with the way i spell,agin im sorry,but you no how iam,you no i been here long time,impart of this forum just like you.if you not like me ritin ,dont read me posts,simples,but im tryin,its very frustratin for me as well.:smile:
Trouble with your writing Ali, is not the spelling. It is that it is one very long sentence which makes it so hard to read that I (and I suspect other people) give up trying.

If you could put in a few line breaks it would be easier to read and then people might have a greater appreciation of what you want to say.

Your sentiments are often valuable to other people but missed , I suspect, because they are too hard to read, which is a shame.
ok caroline,spaces between me words/sentences. im takin on board were you comin from, hope this bit beter to understand x:smile: