Dysphagia diet

today i was bit gutted,no wots rong with me,i guess,two weeks ago i had tests done on me to find out why i chock on certain foods etc,and carnt swallow proper etc.i was put on a soft food diet,and had paper work today confirmingincomplete airway protection when swallawing,readin it all just made it all look so real ,even if ino wots happinin to me if that makes sence.im pigged off bout it,my meat has to be all now pureyed up with gravey,looks like mush on me plate,but ino wot it is and wot it is and it will taste of pork chop.prrage,weetbix brekie,no shreddies ,no shreded wheet etc.it surprising wot you can not eat.but i no how important it is for me to do ths,they have made it quite clear wot can happin,food go rong way and cause big probs,i wont say ,i gues you no were im comin from here.is there anyone else out here exprecing this now with there pd journey please.ive had it 11 half years,and 43,it scarin me a bit,cus ,well you no,it just is.