Hi everyone, I put a more detailed post in the personal stories section but I just wondered if anyone has had dysphasia (trouble with speaking) before? It may well not be linked to my ongoing problems but I suddenly lost my speech completely just over a week ago along with a few other symptoms and hospital thought it might have been a stroke but my CT scan didnt show much, not sure about a TIA. Just a reminder, Im still trying to get a definitive diagnosis but I have a lot of PD symptoms, but I wondered if anyone here has been through this before, for whatever reason, and how they got on after? Ive started talking a bit the last couple of days but its very quiet and really hard work! Ive got an appointment at Queen Square National hospital neuro centre in a few weeks, fingers crossed Ill know a bit more then! Any advice/tips appreciated!


Occasionally my voice becomes very quiet but doesn't disappear completely. I mentioned this to my consultant who referred me to a voice and speech therapist. I now have exercises to do and instructions on monitoring the health of my voice.Next month I am taking part in some group therapy sessions for PD sufferers with speech problems and I am also waiting for an appointment with ENT to see if there. are any other possible causes.

Ok thanks Purtonman, Ive had the trouble with the quiet voice for a long time but like you ive never had my voice go completely so Im not sure if its connected to any of my other problems or not. My voice is coming back quite well now, i just talked to my cats when i got out of hospital hehe cos they didn't care if i sounded funny! Im hoping ill get some exercises when i go to the neuro hospital in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing =)

Hi Suzynola,

I have had a very soft voice for a number of years now.  People have to ask me to repeat what I say.  My husband is getting hard of hearing as he gets older so he shouts and he was loud to begin with!!!  We must give everyone a laugh, trying to communicate!

I understand that speech therapy helps. 

My friend has recently had a really bad time and is suffering with poor mental health and she had developed a stutter.

The mind is a powerful thing



Hi Juju, thank you, oh yeah I know the mind is powerful but Im pretty sure its nothing like that, Id been doing quite well and I get symptoms generally whether Im happy or sad. This dysphasia was very sudden and when it first happened I couldnt see properly, walk straight, was very lightheaded and nauseous, I was hospital for a few days and its most likely it was a mini-stroke or something similar. But my speech is loads better now so fingers crossed it says that way! Im usually pretty quiet anyway

Hi  - so glad you are feeling better. It must have been a very scary experience.  JUJU x

Thanks a lot Juju, it was a bit scary at first but more frustrating!

Hi all!  thank you for sharing your stories - I feel much less alone in this fairground ride Parkinson's seeks to have me stuck for the last 2-3 years. 

(this is a newish delight as I stare at the backs of my hands for the last 10 minutes or so, brain frozen, neck and head bobbing round like one of those yellow ducks no-one can ever touch. 

What we have here is the latest ride come my way - the concerting speech.....have too stop as freezing eems to be determined to stop me communicating at all for a while  ... hope to return later


Good luck and best wishes to you all!




Sorry you are having a tough time Melee, we are always here to support each other when you feel able to talk to others on here, it can feel very lonely sometimes but you are definitely not alone!