hello all - as anyone who suffers with dystonia tried copper heels?I`ve been having terrible cramps in my feet and legs. A friend who suffers with arthritis is hooked on copper heels and suggested that I tried them. Well for the last couple of days i`we been using these "COPPER HEELS" and it`s just amazing - IT SEEMS AS THOUGH IT`S ACTUALLY WORKING . Of course it maybe just a fluke but we keep trying don`t we ? Please let me know if you have any more info on these. As you can see I`me still not sleeping . Best wishes to all speedy.
Hi Speedy
Glad you have found something to help your dystonia. I too suffer from dystonia in my feet and was interested to read of your experience. The product you refer to is the "original copper heeler" and a pair of these inserts cost from about £25 for a single pair or £84 for 4 pairs + one free. There are a number of points of view regarding their use on the podiatry-arena forum. I would also be interested to hear if any other PDS sufferers had found any value in this product.
Glad to hear that something has helped your cramps Speedy. I get them really badly, hands, feet and even inside my torso. It's horrible to feel cramping around the rib area and just having to sit/stand till it goes away. I wonder how common it is? Does anybody else have similiar experiences?