I was was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 12 months ago and all seems to be going as well as it could with the medication
I still have the tremor in left hand and the odd sleepless night and odd bouts of constipation but getting on with life
The main problem that seems to e getting worse is the pain in my calf muscles I have tried acupuncture ( 4 sessions) with little or no affect tried muscle rub which helps a little a friend of mine with a different body pain has been trying cryotherapy has anyone tried this treatment and has anyone got any other idea’s
I try visiting the gym 4 times a week but this not easy
Cheers Paul

Hi Paul what medication do u take try asking your parkinsons nurse she may suprise you in increasing your meds,cal

I was taking 2 Co benaldopa 3 times a day and they increased it to 2 X 4 times a day about 6 weeks ago but still getting the pain in calf muscles

Hi i was taking sinemet then co benadopa which is un branded for sinemet, sinemet is a better quality medication after been diagnosed in 2019 i only have a resting tremor nothing else got arm swing but i have parkinsonism everyone’s on 2 tablets 4x a day its the common dose all my friends tell me i have not got full parkinsons just a tiny symptom