Early Diagnosis

Good morning
My Wife is 73 and has really bad tremors. She has been on Sodium Valporate for 20 years for Bi-polar.

She is waiting for an appointment and I wondered what happens next?

She can hardly walk and shakes continually but doesn’t shake when she is asleep.

Many thanks

Hi and welcome to our forum, @Shaunb. Your wife is very lucky to have you at her side. You’ll find our members a very friendly lot and many have been where you now, waiting to find out what’s happening.

Is your appointment with a Parkinson’s specialist and do you have a date yet? While it’s hard to wait, only they can make a diagnosis, of course. However, we do have a page that might help you here: Do I have Parkinson's? | Parkinson's UK. Please explore the rest of our site too. There’s even some great information for carers like yourself. It’s a demanding but rewarding role.

While you’re waiting, I hope that you’ll get some answers from others. We also have advisers who can talk to you on your Infoline: 0808 800 0303. Please do get in touch if you need to.

Take very good care :blue_heart:
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