Early On-set and Tremors CBD etc ADVICE please

Hi - I have been diagnosed with Early On-Set Tremor Parkinson’s approx 6 months ago and I’m currently taking Proprannol x 2 daily Ropinorole XL 12mg daily and Madopar 500mg 3 times a day
Although this has helped my Tremors quiet a lot - I still have a noticeable Tremor in my right side (hand and leg) - Does anyone know what the next steps for me would be ? I am still off from work and I cant go back until I’m a little calmer. Also has anyone had any experience with CBD oil or any other associated treatments? I am doing Hypnosis twice a day and trying to stay positive. I don’t see my Neurologist until September - Thanks in advance

Hi @simon985214, I was diagnosed 2+ years ago. Madopar, same dose 5 times a day. Just been increased. CBD oil, I take 1 x 20mg every morning. Helps with anxiety and mood swings. Long story short. Stopped taking them because I thought they were doing no good. Turned into a right git. Started and everything settled down.
Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, check out July 2022 topic. Never used to write stuff like that before. OK I’m no poet laureate but I don’t think I could do that without my CBD.
As I say to everyone, “What works for me might not work for you”. Good luck, keep safe.

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Hello Simon. My wife was diagnosed with PD some 5 years ago. She has been taking CBD oil for some time and gets great benefit from it. On a cynical note when we mention this to the “professionals” it is treated with a great deal of scepticism so be prepared ! however it does seem to work in reducing the effects of PD. I agree with what Liverpool1956 says, go for it.


hi, i am going on a consultation next month to try a new gadget called “eye guide mc” i wont go into too much detail, it is supposed to be particularly good at treating tremor. check it out it might just work.

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Thankyou very much for the response - are you in the UK? because I understand that the strongest you can get legally is 3000mg

Hey Roberto thanks for the reply - are you outside of the UK? I have never heard of this before, Where is it being trialed please?

Seen an article on this in the Daily Mail seems too good to be true but I would be very interested in how you get on please keep us informed.

Thank you

Frank Cox

hi simon,
this is not a drug it is something you wear. like i said earlier you need to look on the website to fully understand it.

one thing i will say is that you would be wrong waiting to see what it does for other people as everyone is different and their responses will be different too some good some no good. but to do nothing is not an option for me. so i am going to see what happens with an open mind

Hi Simon, My wife started off with lower dosages then built up she felt she needed it. Its expensive stuff but seems to work. I would suggest you get your oil from a UK supplier to ensure purity.
The “establishment” don’t seemed to be pursuing this method of relieving symptom’s which is a pity.

Hi @Nala it was “Suggested” by someone in the know that I should try it. But don’t tell anyone I told you, wink wink, know what I mean. Say no more.

Hi again Roberto - I have looked into this and wow - this could be a game changer, I have been in touch with the company and am seriously considering it - please let me know how you get on! good luck

will do

Hi Nala - Thanks for the advice - there seems to be a lot of different types of CBD and a lot of brands, does your wife’s Tremors ease or stop when using CBD as this is what I need it for - I only have the Tremor in my right side! would you mind sharing the name of it please ?

Hi simon985214 you taking propranolol for your tremor or have i got that wrong a beta block er,does this stop your tremor?

Hi Calv - yes I take Proprannanol but it hasnt stopped the tremor - just calmed it down a little