Early on set social meet and greet

Hi Guys

I've been looking to go to one of the local group branch meetings. Only within my area there are no young groups. I'm already a little apprehensive with going, even more so if i'm the youngest of the lot with no one of a similar age. Also it seems that the only one that appears to be in the evening rather than day time, isn't really the closest, its 9 miles away and not easy to travel to if i don't feel like driving or even have the car.

I'm eager too meet people whom are of a similar age than me whom may want to catch up every so often compare notes, have a moan, share and advice but also fancy a social catch up as well.

I'm 37 and was dg 18 months ago, i'm on meds, im married, no kids, i work full time still and love music, film, tv and football. Though that's not all but the basics. I live in Bury, and work in Manchester.

Hello everyone, how are we all?


So i must have scared you all off, oops sorry

im 43yrs been dx for 8  yrs have three children married had dbs 2yr 4 moths found a great mew pain killer which has give me a new spark of life tramadol.as been on co codomol for 8yrs immune.  to them now. i know what your saying about young branch meetings i have none here as well been along couple of times for a cuppa & rich tea.

Trouble is i live in weymouth but happy to talk!

Hi, Zoe,

I am not " early onset" , but I thought I would welcome you to the Forum all the same.

I suppose the good weather perhaps means that all the young people are enjoying the sunshine, instead of sitting at the computer.

I see Gus has already welcomed you. He is such a nice and compassionate chap ! Lovely to see your photo, Gus.

I do hope our younger members will soon get in touch, Zoe.

Keep smiling and take care.


Hello and thanks guys for your comments. the sunshine always gets in the way doesn't it oh and work.

I'm finding the World Cup and tennis is also time consuming.

I think the frustrating thing is the meetings are in the middle of the day, no evening ones, so i'm even more unsure about going, may ask them what type of biscuits they're offering, that could be a deal breaker.