Early onsetters and work

I was DX last year at 43 yrs old. Doing a degree and hoping to become a teacher, health permitting.

My question, what's the longest anyone has held a full time job after being dx with early on-set Parky. I know it depends on the type of job, but I'd be interested in what jobs us 'early onsetters' have.

Just curious.


I was a young onsetter aged 38 yrs old upon diagnosis. Im female.

I continued on working for until aged 50 yrs and my job was  a very male dominated

I had to take my employer to 2 industrial tribunals but they pulled out each time.

In the end I asked for one result and that was that they left me to work until I decided I wanted to leave.

However they had the ability to retire me when I had worked my full service but I retired just prior to my official retirement date.

I wasn't going to have anyone tell me I couldn't work just because I was diagnosed with a disability.

I actually left with 4 commendations for outstanding work .


I gave up at 55. Prior to that I struggled for at least ten years waiting to find out why I was disintegrating.

I am now 63 and last year some comedian tried to put me in the work related activity group. I told them if they wanted a Shakin Stevens tribute act I might stand a chance. The man who suggested this worked for Chipperfield's I think........in a conical hat which had three pom poms' on.

I enjoyed work till it became impossible. I did not pack up a well paid job for fun despite what the DWP assumed.