Early onsetters local support

I have a good local Parky support group for early onsetters, a 'working age group' but I don't know why it is not very well attended and wondered if anyone had stories about any local groups in your area. Good or bad.

Is there one near you? Would you go if there was? What would you want from one? Where do you/would you meet?

We meet in a pub one Thursday a month. No one drinks as we're all driving but it's time to have a meal, swap notes and catch up with other younger like-minded parkys. Partners are welcome and do frequently attend. We're in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

 its good to have a vigorous group to be part of the life and activities which are available, I was a very eager member of such a group in Blyth  Northumberland ,my very excellent Nurse Consultant actually started the Parkys People, she was and still is a huge influence , indeed when we first met ,must be 15 yrs ago now she was running a stall in the local precinct I remember it was PARKINSONS AWARE WEEK , and well I certainly became aware of this very special friend, we chatted for some time and Iwould be lying if  I denied my feelings, I certainly was impressed. we said our goodbyes and that was that or so I thought. I had been attending the RVI in Newcastle and it was not easy to get to so I asked if they would refer me to  NTGH which was very eficiently processed and guess who my first appointment was with, yes the very young lady I met that day in the precinct,we just seemed to be on th same wave length  and very rapidly began organising all sorts of lectures , talks and activities culminating in what was a very successful, exhibition of crafts and art of any kind produced by people who had PD, hence the Parkys People,, we collectively agreed to stay as a group and have been together over 10yrs, membership was about 18 people, now mostly due to berevement we are down to 7 or 8,and some of thos core members are unwell and often miss our meetings ,also despite placing flyers in Hospitals Clinics Health Centres  GP  Surgeries we have not attracted any more members,I think if the numbers go any lower we will have to close which will be a shame but we will hang on and hopefully things will improve with the finer weather.

                                                Kindest Regards             Fed

Hi folks,

I have to admit I have not been to my local group as they meet between 2-4 and I am at work then but would go if it was held at a more convenient time.



I am looking for a group to meet. I havent  been to a group meeting before, as I wasnt ready to do that. Now I feel up to it the nearest young group to me has folded. Are you able to post any details on the forum or shall I look up the details of where and when you meet?



Hi Nocksy,

On the home page of this site (www.parkinsons.org.uk) there is a section to find local support, that is what I used.


I haven't been as yet because, I suppose, I am a bit afraid of seeing my future. At present I am still in the early stages. 


hi banjo  iam also new to all this but have been to my local group with  the other half and we both felt better for it.  its a working age group its on the first saturday of the month if theirs one near you try it  rams57

Hi Rams57'

I know I really should get my backside in gear and check it out. Thanks for your input. Maybe I will. It's here to stay so might as well face it.

stay fit,