Earthing blankets

A fellow sufferer of Parkinsons has found the use of an earthig blanket has greatly helped reduce his stiffness.
As they are not cheap I would like to knowif anyonelse uses one and how effective or not it is.
I tried making my own out of paperclips and bacofoil. I generated so much static with my shuffling across the bedroom carpet, I gave the missus a nasty shock!

Could you tell me what an earthing blanket is and what you would use it for?
I have never heard of it.

Val :confused:
Hi Val please check your pm's I have sent you some info

Radz x
Thanks Radz - I have replied to you.

Val xx
If you're wondering what an earthing blanket is, here's a paragraph from the only direct reference I was able to find on Google:

Earthing sheets are based on complete, durable conductive thread to cotton bond. They have many excellent characters: high electron conductivity, static dissipating, microwave reflection and high thermal conductivity. The earthing cloth can be washed and ironed as you would wash any heavy cotton linen material.

Avoid the rush and buy yours now!!!