Easy Foods to Eat

My mother is finding difficulty in eating in that her hands cannot grip or use the special knife, fork and spoon that she has.  Does anyone know of meals that are easy to prepare that she can at least use a fork to transport meal to mouth.  I have to cut up her food now, and on occasion have to feed her.  All ideas gratefully received.

we eat a lot of mince and mashed instant potato, also potato and spagetti hoops go down a treat

from memory Wiltshire foods supplies mashed up meals and on a different note supermarket have now readymeals for toddlers. So they tend to me not as bad as the mashed meals, but still small enough portion and easy to eat and if your mother is similar to my mother in law, I think they tend to be bland which is what my mil likes

Thank you for your responses, Mum has now lost the use of one hand but can eat with her other hand so long as she can use a fork.  Not easy for her but she copes very well.