Eating out in public places

wot do you feel about eating out in public places,do you prefere to eat at home with family and freinds,or is your convidence there to eat out with them:smile:
Good morning Ali
I have always enjoyed eating out but as my knife and fork skills deteriorate I must admit it can spoil it.
I am careful about what I choose to eat, nothing that requires serious cutting and definitely not soup!!! I tend to eat mostly just with a fork in my left hand so I just apologise to the people I'm with who are always very understanding so there's no problem.
Indian food is good because you can eat with your fingers!
Never order peas!!!

If you ask, most places will serve you soup in a mug, no hassles
Hey parkie folks, dont worry about it, just do best and enjoy! All blind people have difficulty eating out but learn to enjoy it and even let others feed them. Did you know that David Blunket was sitting next to the Queen at a banquet somewhere and she saw he was in trouble with the pork chops and insisted in personally cutting them up for him. He said at first he was embarrassed and stopped her but in the end he realised she was being kind and was happy to help sunray
Hi Ali
I used to enjoy eating out regular and socialising. Not now only venture out with close friends who understand my condition. And I always have something that is easy to eat, like, pasta dishes or shepherds pie anything that I can eat with a fork, as eating with a knife is to difficult.
love PB x
I usually eat out only with close family who of course understand my condition but if other diners want to stare at me let them. I tend to avoid things that need cutting like steak or chops. Like posh bird I find it easier to cope with meals that I can eat with just a fork, like curry and rice. Finger food is best though.
hi, we only eat out at restaurant's where hubby feels most comfortable, he does not shy away from any foods, when he has soup at home now he chooses to have it in a mug. we have many friends that know of his pd, and are supportive. He was only dx in January of this year so still early days.
We still enjoy going out for meals, everyone that we're likely to go with knows the problems and it doesn't seem to bother them. The only time I've been bothered is when my tablets have worn off and I've had to be helped out of the place, then I've been embarrased, because onlookers must've thought i was drunk!
We tend to go fairly early evening when I'm more likely to last out.

I've always been quite a slow eater and even more so now, I also find it easier to eat with just a fork, but I often used to do that anyway. :smile:
Morning all,

If you enjoy eating out just go for it. Most people understand that you have difficulties. On holiday in Donegal last year I had a particular problem with swallowing - the restaurant was so understanding that they offered a refund. Life is not so bad when there are people like that around. Just remember that you too have a life to live so live it to the full.