Eating Out

Hi there,

I wondered if anyone had any advice they could offer to help my dad. He has advanced Parkinson's and is becoming increasingly embarrassed when eating out as his eating and drinking has become quite messy. 

Mum and dad love to visit cafes and restaurants but I am worried they will stop doing this soon. Dad is worried about the mess he makes and also other people staring. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any practical advice that may help? 

Many thanks in advance.


Hi  Katiecrumpet

I know just how your dad  feels, I was having a family meal out and couldn't manage to cut the meat on my plate and felt so embarrassed, my grandson of 15 had to do it for me, you do feel that all eyes are on you, when in actual fact a lot of folk are more interested in their own meals and conversations than what is going on around. I have'nt noticed anyone looking at me, it is just a feeling you get. I hope your Dad still gathers enough courage to carry on enjoying his meals out which he enjoys or enjoyed so much, I know I will regardless! Give him as much encouragement as you can.

Good luck  Sheffy

I would highly recommend a cup called a Handsteady - I think you can get it through the PUK shop. It is amazing. My mother drank independently from it with ease when in advanced stage PD. It looks like a plastic picnic mug but has a float in space handle that allows for ease of use. it is very lightweight and doesn't require the user to tp their head back to drink from it as the cup moves. An amazing invention and worth every penny...

Thank you so much for your reply. I will get the cup ordered for him.

Thank you so much for your kind reply. Best wishes to you too.