ECT and psychosis

My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's earlier this year (March) and prescribed Madopar. He got progressively depressed and his GP ignored his pleas for help. In late August he entered a psychotic state with delusions, hallucinations etc etc. He was admitted to a psychiatric unit where he has been now for several weeks. His Madopar has been halved, his psychosis has got far worse and he is now rarely lucid. It's very frightening for us and for him. The pscyh consultant put him on Clozaril a week ago but that's not worked. Now Dad has agreed to ECT. I can't find much about the use of ECT in Parkison's - does anyone have any experience of it as we could do with some advice. It all sounds a bit Frankenstein to me.

hi irksome, i have never heard of ect being used in parkinsons have you asked the consultant the benifits of ect for your dad, my dad had this treatment in the 1960,s for depression and his nerves he did not have pd i was only 6 at the time but i think it did help but i thought that it was,nt used anymore, if i was you i would as to speak to the consultant about what it will do and why they have not tried different pd meds first, what area do you live in because if i were you i would ask to see another consultant i live in cumbria and asked for a referral to a consultant in newcastle proffesor david burn and his team who i see twice a year they are brilliant it means a 2 hour journey but its worth it and they have a phone in clinic through the week so if you need help they can answer your questions hope things get sorted god luck sue.

Dear Irksome, Welcome

This Q came up some time ago. I have trawled back through the posts but I am sorry I cannot locate the previous postings on the topic.

I too had believed ECT to be an outdated form of treatment . But apparently "Maintenance" ECT is still used in the treatment of late stage PD.

If you Google" Maintenance ECT in treatment of PD" you should find some information. In particular an article published by (although it is not particularly modern = 2003) Once again, I am sorry, I have tried to post the link but am unable to. (this is due to my lack of computer skills - it is there)

As Lilly has said, it would be a good idea to talk to your father's consultant.

Best wishes to you and your father

Hi there irksom,

This reply may come quite late to you now and no longer relevant. My mum has recently been diagnosed with PD and I'm a mental health nurse. With regards to your dad and ECT, as far as I'm aware ECT is not used for the treatment of PD. however, due to your fathers unfortunate mental health decline, they will be considering ECT due to the depression/psychosis that has occurred. You're correct in that it is not used as much today, but it does work extreme,ly well for some people. It can take up to 10-12 sessions. The medical/nursing team I hope would have explained this to you. Like I say, this is probably late now and hopefully things have improved for your father.

Best wishes