Effect of Diet on Levadopa uptake


Does anyone else have major problems with dairy or meat in their diet effecting the effectiveness of Levadopa uptake. If I have any dairy products, levodopa does not work for a couple of days and it is similar with meat. Vegetable protein also has an effect, but not as dramatic. Obviously, I cannot completely remove protein from my diet, but I have not been able to find details of such a severe reaction. I also have central pain and meat and dairy seem to make that worse as well. It might be that they are also blocking the uptake of Gabapentin, that I take for the pain.

At least when my levodopa is not working, I get some relief from Dyskinesia and dystonia, but walking is a challenge!


I think everyone has trouble with protein affecting levadopa uptake.
If taken near medication it prevents uptake.
As my husband takes Sinemet every 2 hours it is not possible to leave an hour before and after meds before eating protein.
We restrict protein to one meal a day, and allow for a couple of hours of inactivity.
It is quite manageable when you get into it…vegetable curry, veg soups, pasta with tomato and veg sources, salad sandwiches, cereal bars, fruit etc.
One chicken breast or any protein a day is enough for health.
I hope you find a way that works for you. Good luck!


Thanks GG, I am trying to get on top of what I can still eat. Ice-cream wipes me out for at least three days!


Hi @i_mcewan,

I hope all is well.

I just thought you’d be interested to know that we have a diet section on the Parkinson’s UK website that may help you with your query. Do feel free to explore it in your own time and please let us know if you have any questions.

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Hi Reah
Thanks, I will check it out
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Hi, since I’ve been on Sinemet I have a craving for mint ice cream. I need to see the consultant soon I need a change in medication , but I hope I don’t stop the mint ice cream.


Hi all I to have big problems with the timing off taking meds an eating… if eat regular 1 hour to 2hrs later my stomach muscles will go tight an then cause my to have big dystonia cramps from head down to my toes…which can last from 20 mins to 2-3hrs… Do any of u have that problem…


Hi Fairydust03x
Really sorry to hear about your problems. I get dystonia in my right arm, when I am “on”, but I have not experienced symptoms like yours. I hope that you can get some kind of help from your neurologist or PD nurse.


Hi i_mcewan, My symptoms started just in my feet when i lost job after failed operation on my left foot which has still not healed, i have non union in three of my toes and this has a big effect on my back an my shoulder due to the fact the way i walk is compromised …As hard as it is i try to keep moving an have positive attitude even when all the symptoms are trying there best to beat me… Hope u get some good tips or advice… take care… Fairydust…