Effects of pd

Hi I've read a little on pd incontinence, It would be interesting to hear from others on this subject to see how prevalent it is...soooo..dont be shy!!!:rolling_eyes::flushed::rolling_eyes::flushed::laughing:
if it isnt constipation its incontinence - the first is easy to cure (at least for me ) but the latter i have no idea what to do and the embarrassment potential is unlimited. Or greater. for me it seems to be a lack of ability to hold on for an length of time. seems to involve lack of control of the smooth muscle. can it be exercised?
getting increasingly worried
:flushed:Weeeell as a post menopausal mother of 4, I didn't actually need Parkinsons...............

I find the problem is not having the usual signals of needing to go. I just become a serial loo hopper, if there's a loo I'll use it, just in case! I've been told this is a bad thing to do, but wetting oneself in public would surely be worse.
hi i dont wont to worry no one,but i have a supa pubic catherter fitted cus i lost control of my bladder,but reason i not wont to worry no one is it obversley dunna get this far for every one.with parkinsons mucsles are weaker all over our bodys,and this involes the blader mucsles as well.7 years ago i was havin probs with me blader,i kept dribblin alot,enough to were pads,then time went on and i could not get to loo on time,then the flood began,i got sent to uroligist and was told i needed a supa pubic catherter put it.normally the bladder is off and relaxed while fillin with urine,but when the brain is alerted the brain signals turn to on and release urine.but with parkinsons loss of cells create the on and off problems ,for intance sudern urgency.wakin up in the nite several times.addominal cramps.treatments are avaible,if you are havin problems with your bladder,visit your gp who will refear you to a uroligist, ,diet can even help with urine problems,and there is medication also can help.all of these things will be tryed before it gets to as far as it did with me.hope this helps neenag:smile:
no1s are one thing but no2s????????
If you are not allergic to peanut, try some each day. Not the roasted. Monkey peanut is the best.
It helps me.
HI ALL...is it just a woman thing or do men suffer aswell? I thought mine was just tooooooo many children but after reading up on it I realised it could be down to the dreaded parkinsons. As for weeing yourself in public ..hey!.. thats me:flushed::flushed::flushed: I can never go out without a pad or I need to be near a toilet. I gave up coffee to try to help,,I dont have many pleasures in life and I love coffee,, I dont smoke or drink and I eat reasonably healthy. so I should be at the peak of fitness instead of a decrepit pder:laughing::laughing::laughing: keep your experiences coming in .

love neenag xxx
Morning everyone,

The dreaded problem has hit me for several years now, partly due to my back condition and because I can't do exercises and partly down to getter older. I have just been given some tablets called Oxybutnin 2mg three times a day, I will let you know if they work in a couple of weeks.
Several people I know use Tenna ladies or mens pads or pants especially when they go out, also and beds mats or a convene for the night, my husband didn't get on with the convene and you can damage the sensetive skin with the sticky stuff you have to use to keep it on, not a good idea chaps. Another sulution when you are out is to take a bottle with you that has a cap and keep it in the car, it is a lot more common then people think.
Alij has another solution which is used for quite a number people with MS as well
you just have to be careful you don't get infections.
If your problem is because of having children you can have a repair or speak to your doctor because there are other solutions.
best of luck with getting to the loo on time.
Oh what joy to know I am not the only one with this problem!!!! I've done the pelvic floor exercises, read the books, got the T-shirt, but nothing seems to work.
I must be Tena ladies best customer, I need industrial strength pads! This week I had an 'episode' where I :wink:went completely down the tubes!I have been diagnosed for 11 years and have coped pretty well up to now, so I thought, but I went absolutely NUTS for the past 7 days. Luckely I have a very caring son and his partner, who are both in the medical profession and they have been my 'rocks' through it all. I became completely introverted. didn't want to go out. didn't want to see or speak to anyone. I became unable to climb the stairs so slept on the recliner chair - not the same as being in bed, had completely slowed down so was unable to make it to the toilet, so any receptacle was used! couldn't stand to cook so just ate out of the tins or had a micro meal, in fact I turned into a complete slob! Luckily my son turned up and was abolutely appalled by what he saw. He took me to their home, arranged for me to see the Parkinsons nurse, came with me to the appointment and between us we told her everything that had happened to me over the past week. She too was horrified by my behaviour. and suggested a change of tablets, and a better eating regime, and has also arranged for a visit from tne Occupational Health team at the hospital, who have arranged with my son to come to my home next week to see what aids they can give me to get me mobilised again, I am also on a healthy eating diet as my weight has also ballooned! Suffice to say I have now got a better outlook for the future thanks to my son and partner. I hope this will give a bit of insight to one aspect of PD (Well two if you include the incontinence issue). So, Yes some days you too may feel like this. If you do I hope you will be lucky enough to have someone to support you through it, and even if you don't, please, at least try and get some help through your PD clinic, nurse, whoever. Once again - A Big Thank You to Warren and Andrew, couldn't have done it without you xx and to everyone out there with PD - yes you may drop to rock bottom - but with help you can get back up again. The waterworks won't stop but at least you can get pads from the Occky team, which will halp to save money if nothing else... sorry to have gone on a bit, but I wasn't aware this kind of thing could happen and probably a lot of you out there aren't either so if it happens to you,just know you are not the only one.. Thanks for reading this.
sorry I posted twice, and don't know how to get the 1st. one off.:frowning:
well thankyou to all for being so open and honest about this problem. many subjects seem to be taboo,,off limits etc...but because of my field of work I am able to broach difficult subjects openly. your responses have been extremely helpfull so thankyou again .

neenag xxx
I was having a problem with urinary urgency. I was always on the verge of disaster, however spotting my trousies was aa common accurence.I did have full blown incidents to begin with, but watching my fluid intake and going whether I neede to or not seemed to manage the situation. It wasn't ideal and I wouldnt attend family functions for fear of a disaster. I sppke to my ex GP who said "Its probably your bowel pressing agaimst your bladder. I dont think its your parkinsoms, it does'nt affect your bowel or bladder if I remember correctly from medical school. It wont be your prostate, at 45 your too young for that".

I got meds from consultant, but this caused urinory retention so I stopped that.

So I shunned away from public life, dashing to the loo at the hint of something kicking off for well it seems at least a year, could be two.

Then it happend. I was always going to the loo 4 or 10 times a night. When one night at 3am I had a gargantuan eh movement, although there was nothing hrmonic about it (however I did reach a high C a couple of times).

I went again at 5am - Nothing
6am - Nothing
6:30 - Zilch
6:45 - Hee haw
you get the idea
By 8am my back teeth were floating...
No need to panic. I'll go imminently. I'll take my meds and whoosh.
9am starting to panic. Phoned new doctor for what I thought would be for a number 1 laxitive or some such.
Told to go to A&E they would be expecting me.
11am was asked by nursy to come through for some questions.
Taken through to geriatric area.
Time passes, nursy comes with machine which will tell them how full my bladdder is. "Oh yes, about 2 Litres. Have you ever had a catheter before. No. I'll just get a doctor"
More Time passes.
"Just waiting for a doctor who can fit a male catheter"
More time passes
"I've just spoken to doctor and told her your bladder has 2 Litres of wizz and she will fit it"
I think I smiled, I dont think my face wore that expression.
Time passes
Doc arrives. Did I want anyone in with me while she carried out the procedure? I thought "No if your going to abuse me get on with it, just get this stuff out of me before my kidneys explode" I said I didnt.

Job done,

Got it out after a month. Back to my urgent little and often ways.

However major disaster every night at least twice.

Saw urology nurse who gave me sheath catheters and night bags, job done.

I could have made this a lot shorter (wished I had)(probably would have had I had to go potty)(well I did and I didnt if you know what I mean)(I'm going to leave it there)
thank you for sharing Eck.
2 litres!!! you could play football with it. my dad recently had a very similar experience. now seems to have gout, presumably something to do with all that uric acid.
I always wear black trousers, even in hot weather. Doesnt help that the pee is stained red.
Thats a brill idea. Mrs Eck was going to sponsor the match ball at a Rangers match in memory of me after I choke me last, now I can actually BE THAT MATCH BALL.

On a serious note ... steady now ... steady. I can be serious.

Where in the name of the wee man does 4 pints come from during the night?

Am I nocturnaly dehydrating, is that whats causing my PD?
i am actually over-hydrated due to side effects causing oedema in the ankles and i suspect in more serious places. water tablets release huge quantities of water.
too much... too little ; all i can say is i a p@ssed off literally and figuratively.
but i have to doubt pd is caused by water as that 'cured' naturopath seems to claim. perhaps your water is lurking in tissue somewhere?

my bet is pesticides... but more on that later.

on a slightly related subject i am struck by the resemblance of De Bortolli Liquer Muscat to the famed Buckfast, except if you hit someone with a 3l cardboard container it will have a disappointing result.
Hi everyone,

Very interesting reading this morning, what a state life gives us to deal with.
Just a note about bowel and bladder with pd, if you are constipated your drugs will not work so well so you should always keep everything moving, also my husband has really bad pain from his bowel side area when his medication is wearing off which makes him very agitated and quite stroppy until the meds kick in.
We were also told that pd does not affect these area's when in fact it is very common that they do, just ask a bowel man, not putting too finer point on it you should be able to go at least twice a day.
I hope you all have a good day.
Hi Vivian

ON the subject of going twice a day, I've recently started to do that, but I was regarding it as something worrying to tell my neuro rather than an improvement. I need to go about 10 minutes after getting up and being mobile round the house, this can be any time between 2--5am and then I go again after eating breakfast at about 7/8am. I thought it was decreasing ability to empty the bowel properly.

Anybody else willing to share?