Does this happen to anyone else,I have had a bit of a difficult time recently things have been going wrong in some very unpleasant ways, some to do with PD others on a more personal level, lets just say that the very tiny miniscule amount of luck handed out to me each year was used ,in about one minute of2014 I am not grumbling about that , ,well maybe a little bit,,,I am not feeling sorry for myself or any other similar emotions so now you know my frame of mind, no what I am curious about is this, I will be sitting reading a book  I have just finished a very Interesting history of  arguably the best of the big V Bombers the Handley Page Victor,  or watching TV or on this laptop, anything  at all in fact, then I suddenly experience a very   powerful feeling of ELATION its almost as if I  have been possessed by a very happy spirit,and of course once I feel that feeling I dont want it to leave, I want it to stay with me as it completely alters my outlook on  life I feel I could do anything achieve any goal, but annoyingly I  Immediately begin trying to find out why this strange occurance occurs, my normal mood is more down than up but I dont let it get me down if you see my meaning then in a instant I am transformed into this Happy funny contented secure Elated person, who is he where has he come from,and please wont you stay I desperately try to stop him leaving but  as you will have guessed very slowly the feeling drains  away  and I return to my normal NON-ELATED mood , what is it, is it my Brain playing tricks, it does that many times a day, is it another form of hallucination of which I often experience , its most odd, I like it when it happens but worry in case its a  sign of something more sinister  hiding within, gaining   access uninvited, like a virus into  a PC, has anyone else had this happen to them, I would like to know, confused                        Kindest Regards                   Fed


I am the opposite Fed i find i can be in a normal frame of mind  one minute then for no apparant reason i can feel really down and teary  and just cannot be bothered with anything , maybe it is to do with having such low dopamine levels and then suddenly  were giving our brains dopamine and it doesn't know what to do , mine certainly doesn't some days big grin


Sorry  Shel I posted a reply and when I pressed save  it vaporised this has put  me in a very bad frame of mind so  I shall give a calmer  reaction later today, I am now going to kick seven bells out of the  punchbag  no thats not my wife, ??????????????????????????????????????????????///Fedevilevil


Hi folks, I seem to get both those feelings though mainly down atm and haven't started on my meds yet so can't blame them, maybe you're right Shelly and it's the low dopamine levels in my brain causing such mixed feelings as it's not sure what to do!!!



Hello Ninja61 and wellcome , Shelly is right in pointing out  that fiddling with the bodies Dopamine levels is a risky business, the Ddopa system does wonderfully well but its feeding steady flow of Dmine all through my waking hours and cannot react to sudden exitement  or anger or extreme fun, there is a boost button which is effective at pushing parky back in its box but its flexibility is very  limited these feelings of Elation which occur have me baffled, my normal tendancy moodwise is down, still mustnt smack a gift horse in the gob as they say.

                                            Kindest Regards Fed



Hello Shel , I sat here for some time in the early hours and composed a lengthy post about the strange feelings i am having, it was detailed and suggested a few reasons ,I feel I am slowly changing Shel,and I neither have the mental capacity or agility to remember the content of the missing post which is a pity however I am going to have 40 winks, and I may recall the theme of the vapourised post., its so annoying when you have composed a decent post and when you press  save it just dissapears, I am going now as I am so tired

                               Best wishes  Fed


Good morning Fed

i have the same problem i am awake half the night rarely sleep before  4am can wake up at midday afer what has been a restless nights sleep and i find i am exhausted at 3pm and need to go to bed for a few hours , although i suspect the meds my gp gave me for sickness are the culprit , i am awaiting a call from my neurologist  my gp gave me cyclizine for the sickness i went back to get a repeat prescription and a locum doctor tells me my neuro will throw his arms up in the air as cyclizine can cause parkinsons symptoms so to say he confused me is a under statement so  i guess the best person to ask would be my neuro

Ninja i must admit i felt like that when i first found out about the pd , so down and would burst into tears for no reason , dont get me wrong i still have the odd day where i feel teary and down  and even grumpy to the point that i could fall out with myself if i was the only person in the room but things have been much better since i started on Sinemet , it might be worth giving the meds a try


Hi  Shel, having read so many times the difficulty PD people have trying  to sleep I have learnt to stop trying, my sleep patterns have changed I am going to bed when I know I am so tired I will immediately fall asleep, this of course often results in a fragmented get it while you can method of sleeping,but at least I am sure of at least five or six hours of unbroken slumber , providing the night terrors stay away, I am just about ready to go now I am tired and cant keep my eyes open, so good night to all.

                       1.34 am    Fedsmile


Hi Fed

my apologies for the late reply , what with the constant nausea which i hope has  gone now i have changed from sinemet to madopar , and me not being able to log on the forum for a few nights  dont know what happened there but i am back on now  and its nearly 2.30am and i am still wide awake i take your view now i sleep when i need to sleep whatever time of day or night that may be