With the election impending are Parkinsons UK lobbying the political parties to establish what they are each going to commit to to finding a cure for the disease. Comments from the Chairman welcomed


Thanks for your question davech. We launched our general election campaign last week - http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/generalelection

We've created an email action supporters can send to the spokespeople of the main parties asking them to commit to take action on our key issues around research, health, social care and welfare if they're elected. The research action asks the parties to commit more time and funding for research, which is vital in the search for a cure.

This year we'll also be focusing our campaign on what candidates will commit to change in their local area for people affected by Parkinson's if they're elected. We want to build local relationships between Parkinson's UK local groups and MPs to ensure they understand and prioritise the needs of people with the condition. Local commitments are the most effective with candidates as they can change them without interference from their party, and more importantly local people can hold them to account!

We've sent a guide to all Parkinson's UK groups to help them organise activities in the run up to the election and we've also produced materials (posters and a door hanger) people can use at home if their candidates call round. If you'd like any of these resources or want to get more involved in our election campaign please visit our election pages www.parkinsons.org.uk/generalelection or email [email protected]

Thanks again davech and hope you have a good weekend

Laura, Policy and Campaigns Manager 


For starters Laura, the first link in your post doesn't  work when I click it.

As for the other links, goodness only knows how anyone with Parkinsons can contribute to such   complex suggestions. Any ideas for those PWP who cannot use a computer???

As a  committee member of our local branch, when can we expect to receive this guide with respect to organising activities in the run up to the election?

Party politics aside I have made contact many timeswith our MP, they have supported many PUK campaigns after I have lobbied them, even come to speak to our local  branch and will hopefully be at out PAW week event.

I don't think that this is a local issue, more an issue that PUK should take on board with all parties. Passingthe buck to local MP's is often beyond their remit to make changes to local policies with regards to local  spending and cuts that need to be made.

Hi Benji,

Thanks for your message and apologies the link didn't work initially, hopefully it's fixed now.

Our election campaign has been developed so whether you have a computer or not you can take part. Every member will receive a poster in their April edition of The Parkinson which they can display at home. Also they'll have some suggestions about what issues they could raise with their candidates when they come knocking on their door.

We developed our campaign with members of local groups and shared this at the regional foras last October, however we always welcome feedback on our campaigns. Please share your thoughts at [email protected]

The packs were sent out to branch secretaries around 19/20 February so all groups should have received them by now, if you haven't please let us know by emailing [email protected] with your address details and we'll get another one sent out.

I'm pleased your MP has supported various Parkinson's UK campaigns and I hope that continues, we want to engage local MPs in the fight for better services. However we know these issues aren't just for local MPs and we regularly lobby ministers and the opposition party. We will continue to do this and the campaign actions you can take are directed at the spokespeople for each of the main parties to understand their views on our key concerns.

If you'd like someone from the policy team to visit your branch and discuss some ideas of what you could do in the run up to the election please let me know.



Policy and campaigns manager